Episode 216: It’s Good that It’s Gone

Episode 216

January 17, 2016







  • Rondale Williams
  • Peter De Keles
  • Craig Porter
  • Frank Rainieri
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36 thoughts on “Episode 216: It’s Good that It’s Gone

  1. Chris and James, welcome back! I’ve missed your show for the past month(?) . I have been listening to you guys forever. Regarding the one piece suit, Chris, didn’t you try one out a couple of years ago and it ended up leaking on you? I can’t remember the brand but I think it was made in China. I’ll be checking out the Joe Rocket mentioned tonight. Anyway, glad to hear from you both again. Be well.

  2. Great show to come back too,haven’t listened in a couple months but it seems like I didn’t miss too much

  3. Welcome back fella’s… missed your soothing voices.

    Trust me… you DO NOT want to get any Jersey on you. That crap don’t come off easy. I’ve been trying to shake it off for years.

    Motorcycle Men

  4. Great show. When I was looking for my first bike I gave the KTM 390 a hard look. I felt too cramped on it and my knees were hitting the tank in a strange spot (I’m only 5’9″) the bike is appealing at $5000 but add in destination/tax and you almost 6k. The dealership by me wasnt budging on the price. According to them they were only getting a few in and were not worried about selling them at MSRP. I ended up going with a lightly used 2013 cb500f.

  5. Yes, welcome back. Another great show. Really interested in checking out that BMW… oh, and that GearBrake flasher would be a great safety addition for my ride!

  6. Hey guys great show as usual, commenting on this blog post for super top secret reasons…

  7. Welcome back guys, good to hear you again. Of course the Vstrom is the answer to every motorcycle question. It is after all the worlds most practical motorcycle. I even strapped ski’s on mine and took it to our local ski area this December. Of course the GearBreak Flasher would make the bike even more safe and practical.

  8. Great to hear the show as always! I was sure you were just taking some well deserved down time, I know it’s hard to stay motivated to work when the $$$ just keep rolling in… that’s why people do podcasts, right? Right???
    I’ve been taking advantage of the winter to do a complete teardown of my Pacific Coast. Thought it would be a good idea to change the 1989 vintage shocks, fix up the plastics, etc etc. So now my KLR is the only two-wheeler I have on the road. Thank goodness it never snows here in Left Canada.

    A GearBreak Flasher would make my commutes a lot safer though…just sayin’.

  9. Like James I too have an older SV650. Mine is a 1999 standard that I have so enjoyed over the years. Recently I too have had the itch to get a new/different bike to replace the SV. Last summer I fulfilled one of my bucket list items and flew to Munich rented a Yamaha that here is a FJ09 and rode all over the Alps for 20 days. I love that bike and want one. I see today that KBB.com shows a retail value of $1,790 (which is higher than a few months ago). I’m glad you mentioned that occasionally SV prices go up as I thought why give it away for what the value was. Now I may rethink that and try to sell it. If I could get close to that it could be the start of an FJ09 for me.
    The only problem getting the FJ09 would cause is that I would have trouble picking which bike to ride as I REALLY love my 2014 Yamaha Super Tenere’. I’m 69 years old and 5’9 1/2″ tall with a 30″ inseam and fit the Tenere’ perfectly! I know you guys are not fans of the Adventure bikes but I was just like you until in 2012 I got to ride a few of the Adventure bikes and then I understood what all the hoopla was about.
    Anyway, I would put the GearBreak flasher on either the SV or the FJ09. I already have a http://www.vizi-tec.com/supabrake-2/ on the Tenere’.
    Glad you are back!

  10. Commenting for a couple reasons.
    #1 is selfish and obvious.
    #2 James talked about his new “Thermos” for water. There are alot of these coming on the market the last year with the popularity in Craft Beer. They are the same principle as the old Stanley Thermos for coffee. There is a vacuum between the layers of Stainless steel that prevents temperature loss (or gain depending on the liquid you are starting with). And they are very popular as growlers for beer. (as an example from a brewing podcast I listen to. https://stores.kotisdesign.com/brewingnetwork/promotional/stainless-steel-growler/2106)
    #3 Good to hear you guys again… I thought for sure I’ld need to send out a Search Party in a Side by Side *YYYYEEEHHHHAAAAAWWW* *gunshot noises*

  11. Great to have you guys back on the air… it’s been quiet without you.

    I have to say that to qualify for the giveaway, right?

    Interesting you mentioned the Kawa W650 – I spotted one for sale in November… the previous owner accepted an offer I couldn’t refuse! It looks nice shivering in the corner of my garage…

  12. Glad you’re back, now that it’s cold I’m all caught up on my podcasts since I listen in my Jeep on my commute. Got way behind while I was able to commute on the bike… which could use the Gear Brake to make my commute safer (hint, hint!)

  13. Welcome back guys! I’m from PA and it’s really cold here now. I want to work on my 1978 Yamaha XS750 (rebuilding the 3 carbs), but it’s so cold in the garage. I’ll have to get a heater. Great show, as always! Take care.

  14. Hey – stay safe this weekend you guys, and everyone down in the mid-atlantic!

    ~ Matt (from New England, where we got pummeled *last* year…)

  15. 120/70/17 rider here. Because of my good taste, I deserve the free gift. It will go on my oversized, overvalued, top of the food chain, often misunderstood flagship Kawasaki ZX14-R. If Kawasaki only made one bike, this should be it. Hey, there’s another contest…..pick just one model from each manufacturer as the complete line up of inventory, each company representing itself with just one bike. It could go like this……

    ……HD=FLwhatever, as in Electraglide Batcycle

    …..Ducati=1199 Superbike




    Ahhh….I can see how this is just impossible. Way too many choices by way to many manufacturers. Aren’t we lucky??

  16. Welcome back. Always appreciate the shows, and the show notes links. Beers on me if you make it up here just south of the Adirondacks.

  17. Welcome back fellas! I was starting to get sad in your absence. Then the WheelNerds saved me in their side x side! Yeehaw *gunshots* lol. I’m glad you guys are back and all is the balance of the world has been restored 🙂

  18. Just hit send on an email with how I do my route planning and turn by turn directions for me and others (when we ride as a group). Check it out
    My requirements were:
    1. Must be able to plan the route myself turn by turn (don’t want any suggestions)
    2. Must be able to function with offline maps and only GPS mode on phone (times I don’t have cell coverage for a data connection)
    3. Must be able to easily share route with others to place on their phone – without them knowing much about technology
    4. Must put me back on route if I take a wrong turn and not just navigate the quickest way to end or route – didn’t want to be rerouted to highways
    5. Must have an online copy of map wife/family can refer to when I’m gone to see where to find the body on any give day

  19. Great to hear you again. Event though weather will keep my bike in the garage a couple more months.

  20. Welcome back fellas. As posted on your Facebook acct, been wearing the Joe Rocket Survivor suit for a few months now. Been working well for me. But I just scored a Aerostich Darien jacket and pants set on Craigslist recently. I’ll be riding in that for a bit. Thanks for the great show!

  21. Need to check out the Joe Rocket Survivor Suit! Glad you guys are back for 2016!

    Need the gear brake flasher for my new to me bike!

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