Episode 217: The numbers went up

Episode 217: The numbers went up Jan 31st, 2016 ThePaceFINAL-300x116
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  • EJ Kooker (from Facebook)
  • Scott Weaver
  • Chris Duffey
  • Frank Evans
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4 thoughts on “Episode 217: The numbers went up

  1. Re: tt250

    Have you considered a nice condition used xt250, klx250, xt225, etc that would be around the same buy in with nearly unlimited parts availability and knowledge base?

    In 2011, I picked up a 2009 Kawasaki klx250s with 4k miles for $2350 in the off season. For that, I wouldn’t even consider a new Chinese bike…

  2. 40:50 of this podcast begins a reader-feedback from Chris Duffy, about creating maps in Google, converting to GPX, and importing into OsmAnd on a phone.

    He says he uses an online converter but does not state which one. Chris H. says he’s used those before, and almost mentions the one he’s had best results with, but does not. James says “It’ll be in the show notes” … but the info didn’t quite make it into the notes.

    Can you guys fill out the details here? I’d like to know either which one Chris Duffy uses, or which one Mr. Hornberger prefers.

    The rest of it I got!

    Thanks fellas, love your podcasts. Keep up the awesome work.

  3. Follow up, I’ve been using GPS Visualizer for this ^^^, still would like to hear which one you guys prefer.

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