Episode 218: Turbo? That’s not such a great idea.

Episode 218 - Turbo? That’s not such a great idea. Recorded Feb 24, 2016 ThePaceFINAL-300x116
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  • Roland Cannon (re: Chinese dirt bike from CSC)
  • Robert Thornton
  • Jared Patz
  • Mike Sova (from thepacepodcast.com comments)
Contest entrants…
  1. Allan Lessard
  2. Tom Clark
  3. Adam Forsberg
  4. Ted K
  5. Justin Varner
  6. Mike Szymborski
  7. Steve Brannon
  8. Mitchell Tryon
  9. Tom McGoldrick
  10. Will in FL
  11. Molle
  12. Mr Munck
  13. Adrian Jacob
  14. paul harnish
  15. David Brickner
  16. Daniel
  17. Steve Ginn
  18. David Huber
  19. Matt Szostak
  20. Steve
  21. Jack Starcher
  22. Chad Bolling
  23. Jeff Gilbert
  24. Kamil G.
  25. Matt Szostak
  26. Mike R
  27. Frank Rainieri
  28. pbryon
  29. Kahlil Seymour
  30. Rosebudcassidy
  31. Klas
  32. Jorge
  33. Mike Jones
And the winner is (picked by random # at random.org winner #10, Will in Florida  
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18 thoughts on “Episode 218: Turbo? That’s not such a great idea.

  1. I could use a good head measurement. I’ve been way more open to riding with a helmet the past couple years but few helmets I’ve bought after trying a bunch on just never seem comfortable once I’m out on the road, which leads to me only wearing them when its really cold or raining

  2. This is easy. My lid must be the result of some horrible, unreported, long-forgotten, collapsable sofa-bed accident. When I purchased a cowboy hat, it always looked like I was looking left. Baseball helmets partially obstruct my view. My first motorcycle helmet was the purchased after lots of research followed by awful raw skin rash from scraping one helmet after another on and off my freakish dome. Please pull my number!

  3. I was an Arai guy back in the turn of the century. I have an egg-shaped, oblong skull. My chin is always under the chin bar of most full-face helmets I have worn since. Financial hardships have limited me to purchasing Nolan, HJC, and even THH. I am due for a new lid and this kit would be so sweet for me to pickup since I live in an isolated area in Vermont now where dealers are few and far out. Even sweeter from you guys to win. Thanks!

  4. Hello Gentlemen, I NEED to be in the running for the LidPicker kit because I am their ideal customer. Not only am I a bit of a helmet aficionado (my fiance has a different name for it) but I also suffer from uniquely shaped head syndrome (USHS). As you have probably experienced in your hometowns, gear stores with a wide selection are hard to come by, so I often go with the guess and check method and order my gear online. I usually wind up needing a large, or medium helmet, but always order a set of pads with my new lid because I usually size down my cheek pads to get a snug fit. If Lidpicker can help me find the right shell size and cut for my head they will have a customer for life.

    That, and I’m awesome.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for running contests like these! I always learn something new with the podcast.

  5. I’m dying to buy the new Sena Noise Control helmet, and the kit would help me know whether it will fit me of not. Assuming the Sena Helmet is in the helmet database….. And if I get the Sena helmet, I’ll have to upgrade to the Garmin 590 and complete the Bluetooth circle. Help me spend all the money my wife has saved for new appliances! Once I’m single, I’ll have more time to ride!!

  6. Hi. I am interested in the helmet measuring tool. It has been a long time since I purchased a helmet and the local dealers don’t always carry a good range. If you ask anything too hard they normally can not help. So you have to do your own research in the Internet.
    I am in Australia so would pay the freight if I was a winner just to give this product a go.

  7. Lid Picker….? Super Awesome Idea!! I live in a smaller centre, the shopping options for motorcycle gear is limited, currently I’m using my modular snow machine helmet through the summer riding season as it was the best fit I could find. With the Lid Picker I can source and compare product from just about any manufacturer and retailer on the web. Well done!

  8. I have one helmet that I’ve had basically since I started riding. It’s actually my second but the first was a hand-me-down from a buddy. I tried on a Nolan N-102 that belonged to a friend, and it fit pretty well, so I ordered one for myself. Had that now for about 5 years, and I really like it. However, it is a bit heavy and it’s getting to be about time to replace it, and I have to admit that I really don’t know anything about how to properly fit a helmet, so I need help. I’m the kind of guy that usually does a lot of online shopping, so being able to go into it knowing exactly which lids are gonna fit my noggin will be a big plus. That’s why I need a lid picker kit.

  9. I’d like a Lidpicker kit! We all know how difficult it is to buy a helmet online – and I live time-zones away from any place I can try one on for size! Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but not too much…

    Plus… I, too, am awesome – but not as awesome as Dave Walsh since I’m slower than him… :^(

  10. Been eyeballing the lidpicker kit ever since MotorcycleGear started it. You know when you get a giveaway cap at a ball game, and it’s one size fits all? That’s a lie. Doesn’t fit me. The shops around me are always limited in what they stock–mostly HJC, and HJC just does not fit me well. The local BMW place has some limited options in Shoei, Arai, and Schuberth, but would love to see if there is some mid-level maker that would fit. My current Shoei is starting to get a bit ratty, and loud, and I’m in the market. Thanks!

  11. Hi guys!
    First I want to say how much I enjoy your podcast. It is very enjoyable, and whets my appetite to ride (I live in the cold North Pennsylvania winter waste, so no ridin’ for a while). I will go so far as to say it is the BEST motorcycle podcast available, especially a certain podcast whose initials are W.N. 🙂

    So, I have a question that you are well suited to answer. I have a cruiser and a streetbike (cbr900rr). So the helmet I have (HJC-nothing special) works great for the cruiser but I have a hard time seeing out of it on the CBR as I lean over the gas tank. The visor angle seems to be straight ahead but doesn’t allow me to see ahead of the bike much without tilting my head back uncomfortably. Are there helmets that are more designed for the street bike rider? If so can you go into some detail about them? It seems like a helmet with a visor angled ‘up’ a little would help.
    Anyway, love the show, keep up the good work!

  12. Long oval myself. Unfortunately, the vents on my icon helmet broke open, so I’ll need a new helmet by next winter. Luckily, they’re still okay for the summer.

  13. I was clearly dropped on my head at least 5 times too many. I’m still desperately in search of the perfect lid. My head is so horribly misshapen that my wife has forbidden me to ever shave it with penalty of sleeping in the yard!

  14. I could use a helmet that is better suited to my head. This long oval thing isn’t the best. You can imagine the diasapointment when I tried on a signet and it fit great on my head but not my face. There are helmets I like and want to try but the head shape stops me. I almost got a Kali but I didn’t think it would work.

  15. I’ll throw my hat in the ring. My wife has recently started riding, and needs a helmet of her own instead if borrowing one of mine. We live way out in Western CO, so there are not many options if places nearby to go try helmets on.

    I love the podcasts, keep up the good work guys!

  16. Hey guys, I want this kit! My head isn’t extremely odd shaped, although it is pretty narrow side to side and long front to back. I tend to have a slightly different problem, my hair. I try to get a helmet that fits my head directly and my hair with make it impossible to be comfortable in. When it’s freshly twisted my helmet will fit decently then as the twists age, I end up kissing the front of the helmet. I believe my biggest problem is the helmet I’m currently wearing the scorpion exo-400 is too round but I don’t really know for sure. This kit could eliminate that problem of knowing which direction to go.

  17. I’d love to get my name into the Lid Pickers “kit” contest….I have always been told I have an odd head…..and my having to constantly pick and poke at every helmet randomly hurts my brain…..I’d love to be able to put those giant calipers across my noggin and put some “numbers” to my size and shape……place my name in the running for this COOL tool!

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