Episode 219 – a lot of fire, a lot of passion

Episode 219 - A lot of fire, a lot of passion Recorded April 18, 2016 ThePaceFINAL-300x116
  • Firstgear TPG Rainier jacket review update
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  • Tom Reynolds
  • Matt Campe
  • Eric Kohnen
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  • David Lanning
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4 thoughts on “Episode 219 – a lot of fire, a lot of passion

  1. Chris, you mentioned that the winner of the contest got a bunch of must have tools. I was so excited to hear about what they were to get some new tool ideas. I’m relatively new to wrenching on bikes and am still building my tool kit. I like to hear what people who work on many different bikes use so I too can have a more versatile tool box. You forgot to say whay any of the sweet tools they were getting!

    Anxiously awaiting…

  2. I came to say the same thing Aaron said. My Hyperstrada manual carefully points out that the ECU calculates the speed from the wheel readings and then adds 5%. It explains why, per GPS, the odo is dead on while the speedo reads high.

    Every bike and car I’ve had since the advent of affordable GPS has had more or less the same results; correct odo, incorrect speedo.

    A long time ago, one of the car mags published an article going into this and it mirrors what’s said in the Wiki link, but adds the notion that the manufacturers, at least in some cases, have to consider the range of reasonable but not identical tire sizes that would fit, and make sure that the most extreme fitment STILL doesn’t read low.

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