Episode 38: If I’d Done it in My Twenties…

This week we recap our stellar record in predicting the results of the Cycle World Top 10. We are then joined by Chris Harr while we talk about Suzuki's triumphant "return" to the U.S. market, Gladiator Rio's review of the Super Tenere and an iPhone app called TripCast from Jeep. That's right, Jeep. We close it out with a great conversation about Mr. Harr's very drool-worthy Aprilia RSV4.
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2 thoughts on “Episode 38: If I’d Done it in My Twenties…

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  2. There are other tracking programs on the Iphone. Some that have been around a while and available on other platforms (i.e. Blackberry) that allow for online tracking and photo tagging of your points.

    I’ve got two of them on my iphone they are GPSed and MotionX-GPS. I’ll have to look up this tripcast thing as neither of the above apps are perfect but then which ones are.

    If you want to check out the GPSed app and it’s supporting website check out http://www.gpsed.com

    Keep up the good work guys. Ya’ll are probably one of the only podcasts I listen to.

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