Episode 42: Mostly Harmless

This week Chris and I  start with a conversation about responsibility. We then move on to a discussion about Orange County Choppers that does not involve pointing and laughing (no, seriously). There are more spy shots from Ducati, a tarted up V-Strom and California still thinks motorcycles are still OK even if they're not telling us that any more. We close out the show with a talk about riding with munchkins and we announce our very first contest with big thanks to Aerostich.
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3 thoughts on “Episode 42: Mostly Harmless

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  2. It is a rare occasion indeed if I ever throw a leg over someone else’s bike. If I don’t have the cash in my pocket to pay for it, I won’t ride it. If I have any doubts that I could handle it, I won’t ride it. I know my comfort level, and will not push it.

    Every bike handles differently, and some folks get in over their head when test riding other bikes. Or, sometimes you get the macho dudes who want to test the limits of a bike they’re not familiar with – and that’s when the poop can hit the fan.

    Keep up the great work guys…and remember…42!!
    Eclectic Dawn

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