Roaming around Arkansas

We received this excellent ride report from listener Denise Dickenson. Give it a read and enjoy living vicariously through Denise's words. Denise rides a Yamaha FZ1 with 174,000 miles on it! Way to go!! ---
Hankins Country Store
Hadn't been out of town in a couple of weeks so loaded up Friday afternoon and headed to Arkansas.  It's about 225-250 miles of super slab to get into Arkansas and find the good roads but it's well worth it when you can head out on Friday.  By getting over there Friday evening it gives me all day Saturday and a good part of Sunday to ride the fun stuff before I head back home on Sunday afternoon.
There is a place at the intersection of Highway's 7, 123 and 16 that has been a stopping place for bikes for years known as Sand Gap or Pelsor.  There is actually a post office across the highway but that is as big as it gets.  I don't remember those gas pumps ever working but a lot of people have stopped there hoping there did since there is no gas in any direction for miles.  You never know if the store would be open but usually on a Saturday there would be someone around and you could get a soda and take a break.
Well this weekend on Friday evening I see a sign that says Blue Mountain Deli and Bakery now open.  I didn't stop then as I was headed on to Heber Springs and wanted to make it before dark as I had already seen 3 deer so far and a total of 7 before I got in.  So on Saturday I came back by and there were 3 other bikes stopped there and the sign said open every day except for Saturday.  My buddy that I had met up with that morning from Memphis was waiting on me to catch up but the other 2 guys were from Hutchinson, KS.  Came to find out my friend knew one of the guys from Hutchinson as they had done a tour of Europe together last fall and met over there.  Finished the Saturday ride up in northwest Arkansas at Eureka Springs again which is one of my favorite weekend get away spots.
Sunday I have to head back to Oklahoma and my buddy has to head back to Memphis so we head back down thru Arkansas riding a few more good roads and I end up back at this country store for the 3rd time in 3 days.  This time we are in luck and the smoker is going with ribs and brisket but we go in and browse the homemade bakery items which included sticky buns, bread pudding muffins, multi berry muffins and several other kinds of great looking pastries.  We sampled a sticky bun and a bread pudding muffin that were warmed to a nice gooey perfection and melt in your mouth good.  Talked with the new owner and he said he'd do breakfast also with farm fresh eggs too if we ever wanted to stop early in the morning.  When I asked why they were not open on Saturday's I found out that was their church day which if a very good reason not to be open.  This time there were at least 6-8 bikes there at different times while we sat and talked on the porch.  I think one group was hoping that the brisket would soon be done as it was sure smelling good.
Well the weekend finally has to start winding down so I head west on 123 and my buddy heads east on 16 back to the real world.  Just as I pulled into the garage I noticed that my baby had turned over 174k on the nose and she's ready for new shoes before my next ride to southern Missouri and northern Arkansas again in 2 weeks.  This time it will be to attend one of my MSTA rallies known as the BS (Bull Shoals) Rally in Theodosia, Missouri so I can again go ride some of my favorite roads.
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