Episode 43: You can use your foot. It’s Meat Camp!

During episode 43 we talk with Jeff and Todd of the MotoTour 2010 group. Jeff & Todd are planning a 30 day cross country tour of the US, leaving in just a few weeks. We talk quite a bit about the bike preparation, trip planning and the thought processes that all come together while planning this type of a trip. We touch on some of the camping discussion and preparation, but we will invite Jeff & Todd back to discuss moto-camping in greater depth on a later show. There's a lot there to cover. After the interview, Jeff & Todd sit in on an abbreviated news segment where we admit how wrong we were about the Yamaha Super Tenere. The FZ8 is officially announced for the US market and that's good news! While we're talking about bikes, we vamp on the new rumored Kawasaki W800 and the upcoming Triumph WhateverTheyllCallIt. It's got a steel frame! Oh and we mention that Ducati is pulling out of WSBK with their factory team, focusing instead on product development and ongoing innovation. We speculate this is a 2-year move, so fret not. We're never wron... oh wait. Links and info: MotoTour2010 website and facebook Ohlsson & Rice power products And don't forget the gear picture contest! Email pictures (and a brief write-up if you so choose) to feedback@thepacepodcast.com
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