Episode 2

Episode 2 for the week of November 1, 2009

  • News and Opinions
  • What is "sport-touring"?
    • Is Sport-touring a mindset?
    • Is it just going fast while touring?
    • Is it sticking to back roads and just avoiding interstates?
    • Is there really such a thing as a "sport-touring" bike?
  • gear selection for the cold/wet
    • Is waterproof mutli-season gear just a myth?
    • Opinions on zip-in liners...
    • Current gear selections?
  • Follow up to last week's discussion
  • Mods and Rides
    • Turning a motorcycle
    • Countersteering - why is this such a hotly debated topic?
    • General Winter riding tips
  • Links
  • Contact
    • feedback@thepacepodcast.com
    • thepacepodcast.com
    • thepacepodcast.com/forums (a work in progress)
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2 thoughts on “Episode 2

  1. Enjoying it so far!

    Quick comment that your intro music starts too loud. I turn down my speakers only to have to turn them up again once you guys start talking.

    And yes, I’ll play along if you want me to. I’ve been “podcasted” before, on Aerostich’s short attempt. But that was a while ago and I’m sure I can think of something new and exciting to say 🙂

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