Episode 54: The Trifecta of Suck

Well, let's see... I got a ticket, H-D turned down $25 million and launched a new version of the venerable Fat Boy. I got a ticket while rumors and spy pics surfaced of yet another new Triumph. Oregon considers legalized lane sharing, the NTSB wants EVERYONE to wear a helmet and I got a ticket.

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One thought on “Episode 54: The Trifecta of Suck

  1. The new microphone is EXCELLENT at directional isolation. On those occasions when I might have turned my head to look at the computer screen, Levelator did a good job of bringing my voice back up, but also included the background noise. Sorry guys… I’ll remember to talk INTO the mic and not across it like on the old mic as we go forward.

    By the way, the new mic is the Blue Yeti, and I really like it.

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