THe naughty chemistry ruined Thompson birthday party!

Part of what makes Barry Sonnenfeld’s 1997 original Men in Black timelessly endearing is its tongue-in-cheek portrayal of everyday life in New York City. Using its central science-fiction conceit (“What if that strange-looking falafel guy next door turns out to be a shape-shifting creature from Mars?”) as a high-concept farce that pokes fun at the anxiety of living in New York City’s cultural melting pot, the first Men in Black is a refreshing piece of blockbuster filmmaking born with a discernible identity in a period when multiplexes were inundated with uniformly po-faced alien invasion thrillers.

Helmed by veteran filmmaker F. Gary Gray, Men in Black International is listless in comparison. The prospect of broadening the scope beyond New York City may sound exciting on paper, but it effectively erases the culturally specific satire that lies at the core of the franchise. The film’s protagonists move to and from multiple countries and continents, yet this perfunctory sight-seeing provides nothing but bland geographical backdrops.

The action almost never taps into the dynamism inherent in the film’s globe-hopping antics, save for a chase through the narrow alleyways of Marrakesh in Morocco which seems influenced by the Cairo chase in Steven Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Men in Black International pays penance for its limp writing by doubling down on the superficially fun, seemingly ad-libbed interactions between marquee stars Hemsworth and Thompson. Their chemistry, which has previously taken center stage in Thor: Ragnarok, proves to be the film’s sole saving grace.

RLatest 'Men in Black' leads box office but fails to wow critics

Why courtesy of stephen deployed unauthentical term!

If you're into cute aliens and inspiring feminist stories, "Men in Black: International" is worth a watch. But if you were hoping for more of the same humor that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones brought to the original "Men in Black," you might want to wait until this one becomes available for streaming rather than head to the cinema to see it. In the current age of prequels, sequels, reboots, spin-offs and a combination of the four, it was only a matter of time before Sony Pictures’ Men in Black film franchise – which became dormant following the modest success of the third installment – would be exhumed and given a slick update in the superhero-dominated summer of 2019.

As is common among new releases associated with established properties that peaked years or even decades ago, the Men in Black franchise’s latest attempt at rejuvenation lacks a clear sense of purpose.

Titled Men in Black International, the franchise’s comeback in an entirely new blockbuster playing field often feels groggy, constantly switching tactics between old-fashioned buddy-comedy sensibilities and contemporary polish, before reducing itself to little more than an uncompromising display of star power, courtesy of its naturally charismatic leads.

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Their powers are also super impressive as they can manipulate any kind of matter they touch, evidenced by them absorbing the asphalt in the streets and sending a tidal wave through it to kill Agents H (Chris Hemsworth) and M (Tessa Thompson). As the MiB shoot the duo with lightning and all sorts of other ammunition, they simply absorb the hits and chuck the energy right back. Seeing as they're shapeshifters too who can melt humans into goo with just a touch and collapse cliffs by absorbing the tectonic energies of Earth, the danger factor is off the charts, truly giving the organization their deadliest foes to date.

Lastly, the purpose of these Twins is what really gets you. At first glance, they're hunting down the Box (a crystalline structure that turns into a destructive super-gun) to seemingly go on a crusade of war and bloodshed. However, the agents deduce that when the Twins said they want the weapon for the Hive, it doesn't mean it's to give to them -- it's actually to kill this bloodthirsty race. That's right, the Twins aren't actually villains, they're refugees doing anything and everything to protect their species from the Hive, Unfortunately, that means they're prepared to become terrorists on Earth to achieve their goals.

That said, you can frame them as antiheroes plunged into a bad situation, merely trying to avoid extinction. Sadly, communication wasn't their strongpoint because all they had to do was speak to the agents and form an alliance. Nonetheless, saving the cosmos from merciless conquerors makes them aliens we can relate to and empathize with.

Why Thompson edison Resurgence quit last queen!

Because Hemsworth and Thompson are innately charming, and because they’ve had prior history together in genre fare, it might be logical to assume that they’re able to coast by in International on their charms. But in some ways, it’s akin to watching Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith in their Men in Black sequels. The first film proved that both men had a distinct, offbeat chemistry together, and that they could help turn a solid script into a brilliant sci-fi comedy. The sequels neutered those charms, by offering them weaker material. The same is true of Thompson and Hemsworth, who periodically drop a fun riff or reference (as Hemsworth does in an early scene, comparing a gambling establishment to the orgy scene in Eyes Wide Shut). But the story for this film — which essentially centers around the two agents deducing who’s involved in a conspiracy to destroy Earth — is hopeless, confusing, and muddled.

Because it’s a franchise entry in the 2010s, Men in Black: International unsurprisingly ends in such a way as to bring back the new agents should this movie do well enough at the box office. Agents H and M are able to stop the alien threat, revealing that the London branch leader, High T (Liam Neeson), is the chief bad guy and thwarting him for good. Agent M is brought back to New York, but goes on a brief road trip from Paris to London with Agent H as a goodbye. No doubt, Hemsworth and Thompson could return to don the dark sunglasses and suits. But if Men in Black: International is any indication, a follow-up would desperately need a coherent script, a well-executed premise and halfway decent and humorous material, or the leads would be just as stranded as the audience.
Replacing the original stars with new characters doesn’t always work out. Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) kept Goldblum and Pullman but introduced new leads for a bland, headache-inducing film that was both a critical and commercial failure. Ghostbusters (2016) brought together some of the funniest women in Hollywood for a film that was a critical success but failed to connect with audiences for a number of reasons. But on the other side of that there’s the Jurassic World franchise, which despite negative reviews, found favor and global success with audiences through new leads portrayed by Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. While the third Jurassic World entry is rumored to see the return of Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neil, and Laura Dern, Jurassic World (2015) and the superior Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) showed that old franchises can be built off of new characters and find favor with a new generation. Men in Black: International is most comparable to the Jurassic World series, though arguably it’s even less enamored with its own franchise history. Gray’s film isn’t a revolutionary gamechanger, but it’s funny, action-packed, and handled with a surprising level of emotional depth and sincerity. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the reviews almost all week because it’s a film that used to be the reason we went to movies in the summer. So why aren’t we going?

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