A forum no more…

It has become apparent that the listeners choose to interact with the show’s hosts and guests via Email, blog comments and, most notably, on the show’s Facebook page at http://facebook.com/ThePacePodcast.

In light of this, The Pace Podcast has chosen to no longer participate in, nor support, the online forums at http://thepacepodcast.com/forums, and will be taking down the forum software some time in the next few weeks.

A redirect page will be posted in place of the forums to direct traffic to the show’s Facebook page. Some of the information will be pulled from the forums and posted on the show blog for the sake of archiving.

If you have a specific topic or discussion thread on the forums you would like to see archived, please contact the show hosts at feedback@thepacepodcast.com with a link to the thread in question. If possible, the thread’s contents will be posted and archived.

This should not be perceived as any sort of problem with the show. This is simply a matter of concentrating the attention and interaction with the listeners where it makes the most sense, and where the listeners choose to interact most.

As always, thank you for listening and supporting the show.

Chris & James
The Pace Podcast

More bad news…

One of my Quicktime files did not make a successful trip to MP3 land. I have to convert the file again and then try to match up the bits I’ve already done with the bits that still need to be done. That’s not going to happen tonight.

Sorry folks. Hopefully, it’ll be up tomorrow.

Regarding Ep37 – The little corrupted file that wasn’t…

So, you may have found an issue downloading Episode 37 – “The file might be corrupted, or a file type that iTunes cannot play.”

After a few complaints about this late last night, we are investigating. This appears to be completely at iTunes / Apple, or with the feed index itself – the file on the site downloads fine, imports into iTunes and plays just fine.

Please rest assured we’re working on and should have it taken care of shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Backstage updates

Coming up here in the next few weeks I’m going to be getting some equipment for portable / mobile podcast recording. First on the list will be a multi-mic mixer and maybe a 1/2 dozen mid-range dynamic microphones. There are some on-location events in 2010 (and hopefully beyond) were we’ll be setting up a “round table” discussion on the podcast. I’d like to think that a decent-enough mixer, a 2-channel audio interface for the laptop and a 1/2 dozen mics should cost me only a few hundred bucks.

Originally I had grand plans to get a higher-tier mixer/interface and some top-shelf mics, but the more I learn and look into it, and the more I play with various equipment, and taken into consideration this is spoken-word stuff and not audiophile quality recording, I’ll be fine with retail store stuff.

I’m thinking the Radio Shack mic mixer (maybe 2) and one of the umpteen USB 2.0 audio interfaces, or stepping up to the Alesis Multimix/8 USB 2.0 mixer/interface. Best Buy has several different Dynamic mics ranging from $20 – $60.

In addition, I’d like to get a pair of mobile digital recorders like perhaps the Olympus WS-400S handheld units; WS400-sone for James and one for me when we’re on-location where a sit-down session isn’t possible. I’d like to get these in time for the IMS show in NYC that we’re planning on attending and covering. We’ll see.

Samson CO1UAs for the home recording setup, I have a good microphone ( the Samson CO1U ) that I can plug in directly or I can go through the mixer/interface when I host guests; all I need is a quiet room to use it. Failing that, I use my Logitech headset.Blue Snowball mic

James is already using his very nice-sounding Blue Snowball mic.

So, we’ve got plans… We can expand our toolbox without spending thousands of dollars and we can make everything more convenient, and in some cases – possible, on a decent budget and continue doing a free show with no worries over big budget issues.

Here’s hoping.