Doug Kneissl shares his thoughts from the NYC IMS show

Listener and show contributor Doug Kneissl shared his thoughts from his visit to the New York City International Motorcycle Show. Doug was kind enough to include a few pictures as well. Enjoy!

Thanks, Doug. We appreciate the time and effort very much.


Hi James & Chris,

Nice to hear my feedback on ep 100..thanks

Being my first motorcycle show I was pretty overwhelmed with everything there…the vendors and all the bikes.  We went up on Saturday – not sure if it made news in Delaware but we had a pretty good snow squall that day and driving to the city was an interesting to say the least.

We were there from about 10am – 4pm….after 1pm it really started to get crowded.

I was most interested in seeing the Victory bikes…the Hammer S felt like it was custom made for me sitting on it.  Triumph had some great bikes I had not seen before, the Steve McQueen limited edition bike we very sweet.  The Indian bikes were also very nice – if a little out of my price range.  It was motorcycle overload…Harley, Yamaha…Can-Am….oh my!

We spent a lot of time looking at the gear, though didn’t make any purchases as I’m not sure exactly what I may need/want…but as we get into the season in CT I’m sure I’ll be purchasing more gear in addition to the First Gear mesh jacket and Scorpion EXO-400 helmet and gloves I currently wear while riding.

The Smage Brothers Stunt show was pretty impressive, all the tricks they did in a very limited space.

Looking back I’m embarrassed to say I did not take a lot of pictures..too much to see and take in.

As we sat on many different bikes…and I start thinking of moving off my “beginner 1992 Yamaha Virago 750” and on to something newer and bigger….and trying to take in all that was offered from the vendors, it was a great time and I look forward to the next one.

Attached are a few pictures – the quality is not very good (iphone) you may post them if you like.


Doug Kneissl (Nigh-sell    not  Nee-Sell… worries…everyone does it.)


Episode null: August 14, 2011

No show this week, folks. Some vacation time, some busy work schedules and some general busy-ness in life kept us away from the microphones this week, but stay tuned next week; lots of feedback and discussion, and some information about the Barber trip coming up!

The CooCase follow up to the follow up about the follo… oh never mind

Just a quick update to the CooCase adventure. I was able to pick up this nifty HJC helmet on closeout from NewEnough to replace my daughter’s gone-missing helmet. It’s an HJC CS-R1 “Paradox” in blue and black and silver. Very nice looking helmet. She says it fits well and feels good on her head. The graphics really pop.

So that’s the last piece of the puzzle. We’re golden, now.


Sarah's HJC CS-R1

Happy 4th of July

Well we’re late two weeks in a row. I know, we suck. Actually this one is all me. I’m extending my 4th of July weekend by a day and will post the new episode when I get back to a real computer. The iPhone is nice but it doesn’t do every thing.

Happy Independence Day!

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Backstage updates

Coming up here in the next few weeks I’m going to be getting some equipment for portable / mobile podcast recording. First on the list will be a multi-mic mixer and maybe a 1/2 dozen mid-range dynamic microphones. There are some on-location events in 2010 (and hopefully beyond) were we’ll be setting up a “round table” discussion on the podcast. I’d like to think that a decent-enough mixer, a 2-channel audio interface for the laptop and a 1/2 dozen mics should cost me only a few hundred bucks.

Originally I had grand plans to get a higher-tier mixer/interface and some top-shelf mics, but the more I learn and look into it, and the more I play with various equipment, and taken into consideration this is spoken-word stuff and not audiophile quality recording, I’ll be fine with retail store stuff.

I’m thinking the Radio Shack mic mixer (maybe 2) and one of the umpteen USB 2.0 audio interfaces, or stepping up to the Alesis Multimix/8 USB 2.0 mixer/interface. Best Buy has several different Dynamic mics ranging from $20 – $60.

In addition, I’d like to get a pair of mobile digital recorders like perhaps the Olympus WS-400S handheld units; WS400-sone for James and one for me when we’re on-location where a sit-down session isn’t possible. I’d like to get these in time for the IMS show in NYC that we’re planning on attending and covering. We’ll see.

Samson CO1UAs for the home recording setup, I have a good microphone ( the Samson CO1U ) that I can plug in directly or I can go through the mixer/interface when I host guests; all I need is a quiet room to use it. Failing that, I use my Logitech headset.Blue Snowball mic

James is already using his very nice-sounding Blue Snowball mic.

So, we’ve got plans… We can expand our toolbox without spending thousands of dollars and we can make everything more convenient, and in some cases – possible, on a decent budget and continue doing a free show with no worries over big budget issues.

Here’s hoping.