Episode 1

Episode 1 Recorded Thursday, October 22
  • News and Opinion
    • Honda’s approach to the US market
      • Is the future of Honda’s offerings just RR bikes and DN-01 style cross-segment machines?
      • Is dropping half the lineup and focusing on a few models alone good enough?
      • Is their heyday over? Are they destined to always leapfrog the other SS/RR bike makers?
      • $27K for a goldwing…? $12k for the RR, $15K for the DN-01, $16k (est) for the VFR… is Honda becoming the next BMW in terms of pricing and perceived value?
  • Mods and Rides
    • Powerlet install
      • trouble spots
      • physical placement of the connectors
      • FUSE!!!

Music provided by Music Alley: “No Way” by KunK

New graphics work

New page header is up. I think I’m pretty happy with it and I’m gonna call it gold. Done. Fin’. Over. Complete. Finito. All of that. Next up, cover art for the audio files.

The album art / rss feed art. These were composed with the demo version of Pixelmator. I’m definitely buying this app. It does all the stuff that *I* need it to do and it’s far, far, FAR cheaper than Photoshop. It’s also lighter weight… loads much faster and operates faster on my MacBook.



Building up…

Last night James and I Skyped up and recorded a promo for the podcast. We had a loose script from which to work. We did three takes running completely through each time, after taking a few minutes to edit the text for flow and terminology. I think we have good flow. The last take was the one we chose to edit and publish. I had a small flub in it but decided to let it go as-is.

I think we both need some better microphones; there are some audible artifacts from our “s” sounds and some minor popping. Good hardware will come later. For now, I’m happy we’ve got some topics queued up to discuss, we’re on the same page on nearly every topic and on nearly every idea of how we want things to proceed.

The things about which one of us doesn’t feel so strongly, the other does and has chosen to take the lead. I’ve been concentrating on site and RSS feed setup, graphics and verbiage, while James has taken on sound editing, setting up a Twitter account, general show-prep documents and has gotten us organized with a Google Docs library.

We’ve also started picking out “official” graphics. A modified version of the page header’s sign saying “The Pace” will appear as a key element in (likely) all of our graphics. The road in the header graphic is Tracy Road, near Lake Placid, NY. That road embodies many of the ideals of riding for fun that James and I share; a fun road, bereft of traffic and crowds, in a far-away place, thus making it all the sweeter when riding it.

The master copy of the sign:
The master copy of the sign

Episode 0

It’s only a 43 second promo but it’s a start.


In the beginning…

I used to listen to Prubert’s MotoCast back in the day and thought, “If I were to ever do a bike podcast, it would be a lot like this.”

Prophecy? Wishful thinking? A case of the crazies…?

So there I was cruising the iTunes Podcast section looking for motorcycle related content one day last year. I had run out of bike-related podcast content some time ago, and after sampling just about everything I realized that unless I was interested in racing, most of the other podcasts simply weren’t “my thing”. Most of them were too geared towards the beginning riders, or were too focused on touring. They just didn’t have that “special something” that MotoCast had.

Then it dawned on me… MotoCast wasn’t about anything at all. It was the Seinfeld of motorcycle podcasts. Whatever topics came to mind, that’s what the group would discuss. It was largely unscripted and more about just hashing it all out among the panel and guests. And that’s what I liked about it… it was general interest. They discussed gear and riding and bikes and places and people and…

… and I knew – and now know – that’s what I wanted to hear. And what I want to say.

So I mentioned this, in passing, to a few friends, and the topic came up again when I interviewed Prubert on my ‘blog.

Then one day I got an email from my friend James that said, “so how serious were you about doing a podcast some day?”

The rest, as they say, is history.

James and I will be posting on the site, and will be getting together to record and produce shows in the coming weeks. Look for bios from us, and we’re going to be promoting on other podcasts, sites on which we hang out, etc. If all goes well, and sponsors come along, we hope to start covering more events and expanding our offerings.

We’ve got some big ideas, and we hope you’ll give us the opportunity and listen.

You can contact us at feedback@thepacepodcast.com. We hope you enjoy what’s ahead.