Episode 32: Motley Wee Tequila

Episode 32 – May 30, 2010


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Episode 31: Only Because We Care

Episode 30: My word, man! It requires a tool!

  • Theme music – No Way by Kunk

Episode 29: As Long as You Wear Pants



  • Alternative fuel bikes: diesel and electric.
    • We’ve discussed the increased availability of electric bikes in particular.
    • Do we see these becoming viable in the future, or remaining a small and “nichey” part of the market place?
  • Does shifting define a “bike” vs. a scooter?
    • More and more bikes are blurring the line between what we think of as a “big boy” motorcycle and a scooter.
    • Is it time to erase that line?
  • Tech Days: benefits vs. risks.
    • What happens if someone working on your bike totally screws it up?
    • Should he pay for it?
    • What risks do you take?
  • ABS and other safety options
    • Let’s discuss apparent effectiveness vs. the potential for government mandates
    • What about the increased costs?
    • Comment on the current choices (or lack thereof) in the market place.
  • Forced downtime while touring
    • You break down or have a no-injury crash.
    • What are your best options?