RTE – Roy’s BBQ in Hutchinson, KS

Roy's BBQ Hutchinson, KS

Ride to Eat's are an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday even when there are not lots of curves between here and there.  So last Saturday when Roger posted that they would be doing a RTE at Roy's BBQ it sounded like a good excuse for a ride.  Roger hosts these rides about once a month and any riders are welcome.  He's such a nice guy that he'll buy lunch for the rider coming the furthest distance and desert for any fellow MSTA member.  So I left home early Saturday morning for a little 220 mile ride and found out when I got there that I didn't get a free lunch.  I was beat out by an ST owner that had about 75 miles or so on me. 

Kansas Motorcyle Museum - 1916 Indian

After lunch we decided to let the food settle before indulging in desert so some of us took off for the Kansas Motorcycle Museum in Marquette, KS.  This museum was started in memory of STAN "THE MAN" ENGDAHL a dirt track legend.  His wife currently runs it and has some great stories to tell.  These motorcycles were just the opposite of last weekend as they were clean and in pristeen condition.  

Pie at Carriage Crossing Restaurant Yoder, KS

Then it was back on the bikes again in search of pie at possibly one of the best places I've found in the little town of Yoder, KS at the Carriage Crossing Restaurant which even has motorcycle specific parking right in front of the door.  I kept myself to 1 piece of Chocolote Peanut Butter pie but some of the guys had room for 2 pieces.  Since I was the only other MSTA member to show up it was free which made it even better. 

Finally it is time to go out and see if we can dodge the rain that had come thru and head for our homes.  It was a little after dark when I finally returned with a trip of about 550 miles.  Not bad for a Saturday RTE.

A day at Jason Pridmore’s STAR Motorcycle School.

Working on my technique.

Over the years I have taken different rider training incuding the MSF's BRC and ERC plus a couple of Lee Parks Total Control schools and a track day at Hallett which included the H.A.R.T. - Hallett Advanced Rider Training.  Now all of these were taken on my own bikes either the 1996 750 Nighthawk that I had previously or my current ride which is a FZ1.  This year I had been looking at the different schools wanting to take another class and found Jason Pridmore's STAR school was going to be in Topeka, KS last Thursday which is only about 250 miles away.  At first I thought about taking my bike but my tires at the time were touring tires and had around 8k on them.  Not wanting to put on new tires that would work well on the track but only give me a couple of thousand miles I decided that it might be wiser this time to rent a bike.  An SV650 set me back about what a set of tires would have been and I didn't have to haul my bike.  Jason's school is set up with classroom sessions followed by going onto the track to work on those technique's.  They divided us into 2 groups with the Street and Advanced so that we pretty much rotated back and forth through out the day.   

Two up with Jason.

One of the highlights of the day were the 2 up rides that Jason gave during the afternoon.  If you wanted to take advantage of this it gives you an idea of how smooth a person can be while shifting and braking.  I wasn't sure if I could give up control to anyone even someone of Jason's calibur.  I have never been able to ride more than a couple of miles on the back of anyones bike and that's at slow speeds around town.  So all the guys in the class decided that I would be the 1st one to ride with Jason so that I wouldn't back out.  Jason's bike is set up for this type of riding and has a pair of grab handles built into the tank.  So I climbed on the back and got a very tight grip.  Jason took it easy on the 1st lap which still felt like we were going super fast.  After that lap when asked if I wanted to do the 2nd lap I gave a thumbs up and off we went again and this time it was even faster.   About the only thing you feel is when Jason is going into the corner is the bike slowing dramitically but you don't actually feel the down shifting.  I would do this again and next time I might actually ask how fast we are going.

Episode 46: I want the real thing!

Colleen, Dawn and Carolyn take over this week while Chris and I sip umbrella drinks pool side. They talk about how they got their start on two wheels, what it's like to ride alone and they respond to a couple questions submitted by listeners. Matt asked how he could get the women in his life interested in moving to the rider's seat and Beth is in search of gear made for women. The ladies also choose the theme for our next photo contest. Oh, and there was something about a pillow fight...

Pre-1916 Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Run

Last Sunday a group from Oklahoma City got together to ride down to Ada Oklahoma to check out the motorcycles that were being ridden from coast to coast. None of these motorcycles can be newer than 1916 and they have to be ridden the entire distance. They left Kitty Hawk on the Outer Banks of North Carolina on Sept 10th and arrived in California at the Santa Monica Pier today. They have a designated route to ride each day and an allotted amount of time to do it in. Keep in mind that these bikes can only average around 35mph and have very little in the way of brakes or suspension. After looking at these bikes I couldn't imagine riding them around town let alone across the country. The riders came into Ada for lunch and while they ate and did maintenance on their bikes the rest of us got to check out all the unique machines. They came and went as quick as they could trying to keep to their schedule. Watching them leave peddling to get up to a speed that the engine would kick in was definitely something you don't see everyday. After spending a couple of hours admiring the older bikes I got on my bike, hit the start button and put it in gear knowing that I would not have to worry about any problems on the way back home. Such was not the case for one of the old bikes as within blocks I saw one stopped and the rider was working on it. Not a long ride today but a pleasant outing of around 250 miles. The results haven't been published but you can read more about it at http://www.motorcyclecannonball.com/

Bull Shoals MSTA Rally Sept. 10th-12th

Well I just got home from our first fall rally of 2010 and the weather was very near perfect.  The MSTA has 3 day weekend rallies all over the country but for me that means I only do the ones within 500 miles of home.  I figure I can do 500 miles and still be there for the evening cookout but anything more than that I'd need either an extra day or a really boring day of all super slab.  We had one gentleman that rode in from Washington state and I think that was after he had done the Iron Butt 3 flags ride.  It would be so nice to be retired and able to afford to travel all the time.
The format is generally a cookout of some type on Friday evening after the riders have ridden in from various parts of the country, then ride in small groups on one of several routes put together of the best roads in that area on Saturday with a banquet on Saturday evening before leaving to return home on Sunday.  This may very slightly according to the person or persons putting on the rally.
With the remnants of Hurricane Hermine going thru on Thursday I had several people questioning if they should cancel since there was still a chance of rain.  I told them that if they did they would regret it.  I have found out over the years that if you let the weather forecasters tell you what the weather is going to do in that area then you will usually miss out on a lot of fun.   I think I've only gone to maybe 1 or 2 rallies where I got up on Saturday and said not just no way but NO WAY.  One time it was a day of record setting rain and another time the temps dropped into the 40's and while I had my electrics most of the others didn't have enough gear.  But when that happens you just get a friend with a vehicle to take every body to a really bad movie or you sit around a warm lobby and talk about past trips and future trips and make new friends.
A couple of people coming in from the north/northeast did run into a little rain on Friday going to the rally however most of us had a beautiful day in which to make our way to the rally.  During the night a couple more storms rolled thru but Saturday dawned to sun shine and only a few clouds here and there. 
As I was getting ready to leave on Saturday morning one of the guys snapped this picture of me waiting on my group to be ready to roll.  I think I have finally figured out that maybe I should have all my pictures taken with my helmet on since I have horrible and I mean horrible helmet hair.  This time I stayed in Missouri and rode some of my favorite Missouri roads and even rode a couple of them multiple times.  After the ride on Saturday we all gathered in the parking lot to BS about our routes and adventures before going up to a great banquet with lots of door prizes given away.  I will admit that I ended up riding the last 30 miles home in a hard rain but didn't even bother to stop and put the gear on just boogied on in.
I did get new tires put on before leaving for the rally and I think I pretty well have them scrubbed in with just over 900 miles logged for the 3 day weekend.  I am now within about 40 miles of that 175k mark and that can be done on a local dinner ride.
Well I have 3 more of these rallies on my calendar for October, a lunch ride to Kansas for BBQ on the 25th of Sept. and maybe another overnighter to Arkansas you just never know.  Life and work do get in the way of my motorcycle habit once in a while but thankfully it doesn't happen too often.

A forum no more…

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Episode 45: Contests, trailies, mascots and Jeopardy.

Episode 45 Sept 19, 2010
This week we announce the winners of our first contest; best “must have” gear item. We opine away on the Z750R and we talk about Harley-Davidson agreeing to stay in the home of Public Enemies. Speaking of bike makers, we link you to an interview with Stuart Garner, CEO of Norton. Is Norton the next Triumph? Continuing the opining, we (o)pine away for the Dorsoduro from Aprilia. Price is as yet unannounced, but being the experts on all things Aprilia (snerk!), we haven’t a clue on the pricing but guess it’ll be in line with the other big($) trailies. In gear talk James gives us some info on Shoei helmets including a new model to replace a long-standing favorite. Chris explains how when your Angel ST tires tell you it’s time to park it, you really should listen. Some feedback and follow up, the contest announcements, and we exit with a quick tease of next week’s Female Riders show. Linkeedinks:
Chad's gear entry: Dawn's gear entry:

Episode 44: Swarf

That's right, swarf. You say you don't know what swarf is? That's OK, neither did we until we read about the recall on Honda's VFR1200F. We're also talking about PBR which apparently has nothing to do with bad American beer. It has everything to do with Kawasaki's brand new ZX-10R. Speaking of Kawasaki, they're looking for consumer input on the tiniest Ninja. We also talk about a good deal on an Italian bike (how often does that happen?), good brakes on a silly bike and some new-fangled, hi-tec armor.

Episode 43: You can use your foot. It’s Meat Camp!

During episode 43 we talk with Jeff and Todd of the MotoTour 2010 group. Jeff & Todd are planning a 30 day cross country tour of the US, leaving in just a few weeks. We talk quite a bit about the bike preparation, trip planning and the thought processes that all come together while planning this type of a trip. We touch on some of the camping discussion and preparation, but we will invite Jeff & Todd back to discuss moto-camping in greater depth on a later show. There's a lot there to cover. After the interview, Jeff & Todd sit in on an abbreviated news segment where we admit how wrong we were about the Yamaha Super Tenere. The FZ8 is officially announced for the US market and that's good news! While we're talking about bikes, we vamp on the new rumored Kawasaki W800 and the upcoming Triumph WhateverTheyllCallIt. It's got a steel frame! Oh and we mention that Ducati is pulling out of WSBK with their factory team, focusing instead on product development and ongoing innovation. We speculate this is a 2-year move, so fret not. We're never wron... oh wait. Links and info: MotoTour2010 website and facebook Ohlsson & Rice power products And don't forget the gear picture contest! Email pictures (and a brief write-up if you so choose) to feedback@thepacepodcast.com