Episode 65: Galactically Stupid

There’s a lot of ranting in this episode. Really, almost nothing but ranting about stuff. There’s the “what could they possibly hope to accomplish” rant and the “what the hell is Honda thinking” rant. Then there’s the “the man is trying to stick it to us” rant and the “that’s galactically stupid” rant. There is a little non-rant content. Chris and I manage to have perfectly civil conversations about EBR’s new 1190RS, the new price on KTM’s RC8 R and the appearance of a Yamaha FZ8R in France.

WSBK 2011 Season Preview

Scott Bolton gives us a look at the upcoming World Superbike Season. Be there or be square!

Episode 64: Bouncing baby doe.

Episode 64: Bouncing baby doe!
Feb 20th, 2011

James, the Great White Hunter, tells us about his big game exploits in the wilds of Yorklyn. While sipping bourbon, smoking cigars and doing other manly things, the guys ponder the pricing of BMW’s new uber tourer, the K1600GT family. Chris is convinced it’s a Goldwing on a diet, but the guys definitely think it’ll be a great machine, pending.

As James gives us a tour of his trophy room – which currently includes the head of a possum and the bruised ribs of a small doe – the more manly listeners will enjoy a tale of the Great Return by that legendary hunter Erik Buell. Lost in the dark continent… er… a small shop in East Troy, Erik appears to be prepping for a return to the streets, and is aiming his sights on SuperBike.

Oregon’s manlier men than our intrepid heroes will be happy to hear that their hunting gear will no longer be mandated to include a helmet (for those over 21). Chris tests this theory by putting his cigar out on his forehead… that was dumb. He now wears his helmet full time.

The guys take a few minutes to talk back to some feedback, opine a bit, and regale the listeners with more manly discussion.

Please note: no cigars were actually smoked, and no animals were killed, nor probably even injured or humiliated, during the recording of this podcast. In fact, James is convinced there’s a small herd of deer somewhere laughing hysterically as they talk about what happened in the woods near Yorklyn.

Episode 63: Ugg & Egg

Episode 63: Ugg & Egg.
“Tonight’s guest is a man who literally wrote the book on street riding.”

David Hough joins us for a much appreciated interview. We learn a little about David himself as we discuss his history and his writing. Then we dive in and have a raw, open discussion about the state of motorcycle training and safety here in the US. David gives us his candid opinion on side cars, the Can Am Spyder, riding small bikes and how bigger isn’t always better.

David’s books can be found on Amazon.com. http://tinyurl.com/6yafs8k


Episode 62: This is a Motorcycle Show

Well, I’m sure this will surprise everyone but we’re talking about Honda again this week.

In other news: You can get an Ohlins on the (relative) cheap, we found some great pics of this year’s Dakar and Enfield has a new chief. A couple new Guzzi’s make their debut, Zero get’s some serious cash and we try to figure out what the hell the Agility Saietta is.

We’ll wrap it all up some listener feedback.

Jeff Katzer’s trip to Cape Flattery

Organizing my Mac

Hey guys, Chris here.

For the time being, my personal & work-from-home laptop is also my main recording and post-production computer for the podcast. Since this is my do-everything system, my desktop and my application dock get pretty crowded and busy.

This computer is a 2nd(?) generation MacBook with an intel processor running Mac OS/X 10.6, aka “Snow Leopard”. Being a Mac, you have to think differently about organizing your apps than you might if you were using a Windows system; there is no Start menu/button.

Rather than continue crowding my dock with audio and video production app icons, I decided I would actually take them all out of the dock and move them to a fly-out menu on the ride side of the dock, using the alias metaphor. The folders and fly-outs on the right side of the dock are a fairly recent addition to Mac OS/X (I believe) and it becomes a very powerful mechanism for grouping and organizing.

Quick note: Application icons in Mac OS/X are actually representative of the application folder on disc, and are generally not alias or shortcut icons. Because of this, you want to be very careful about just dragging application icons around. You might end up dragging hundreds of megs of application files to a different location, and you run the risk of making the application no longer run. The good news is, most of the time if you do accidentally move an app icon to a location other than the Applications folder, you haven’t really broken anything. Dragging it back is a non-issue.

So, without further ado… adeau… adieu… without further delay, here are the steps and the results of those efforts.

Step 1 - Navigate to your Applications folder (hit Shift-Apple-A)

Step 2 - create a new folder to hold your alias icons. I called mine "AV Processing". Any name will suffice; make it descriptive.

Step 3 - Create alias icons for your apps. Single click the app and press Apple-L to create the alias. This is akin to a "shortcut" in Windows.

Step 4 - I like to remove the word "alias" from the end of the new alias icon's caption. The small arrow on the icon indicates it's an alias. Edit the name of the alias icon to your choosing.

Step 5 - Drag the new alias icon into your new folder. Repeat this for each application you want to include in the fly-out folder on the dock.

Step 6 - When you've added all the alias icons you wish to the folder, then drag the folder to the right side of the dock. Be sure that the folder lands on the dock, and to the right of the control zone of the dock.

Step 7 - The new folder will display in the dock bar usually using the icon from the first app found in the folder by default. The fly-out is now ready to use.

Step 8 - Click the new icon and the contents will be displayed in a clickable flyout. Settings can be tuned to alter how the icons are displayed.