Episode 84 – Tripping in Alabama

Episode 84 - Tripping in Alabama August 28, 2011
This week's short show addresses the Barber Museum and Track trip scheduled for September 18th, and some excellent listener feedback.
The Barber trip Feedback

Episode 83: The Hondacati Conspiracy

Episode 83 - The Hondacati Conspiracy. August 21, 2011
Please note that due to technical issues, the Busa Rap from Raul Lowe is not included in the podcast, but can be found at ( http://www.busabeats.com/#trackid=10932 ). 
This week is an audio and sensory extravaganza! We’ve got feedback galore and a fantastic book review from friend of the show, Beth Clark. In addition, we have a link - sorry, no direct audio recording, sadly - of a Busa-inspired rap song from Raul Lowe. Lots of fun! The guys talk about Aerostich’s latest product, the sized and purpose-built LokSack weather proof storage bags designed for all your common electronic gizmos, and sized to fit in the Aerostich RoadCrafter and Darien suits. Oh, and they’ll fit in your tank bag, too. Check them out. The show says goodbye to motorcycling legend, Claudio Castiglioni, discusses the newest Victory offerings, and notes that Ducati has fallen victim to the Honda 919 conspiracy - and by that they mean that 919 Ducaties were recalled for a minor defect that makes the Diavel models topple over[1]. The President signs into law the lead-ban exception for childrens’ motorcycles and ATVs, and we get some pictures of the 2012 CBR1000RR from Honda. Stick around for feedback. Feedback
  • Steve Hanning opines on lane sharing and relates a story or two
[1] - (please note - Honda really had nothing to do with the Ducati recalls, and there is no known Honda Conspiracy)

Episode null: August 14, 2011

No show this week, folks. Some vacation time, some busy work schedules and some general busy-ness in life kept us away from the microphones this week, but stay tuned next week; lots of feedback and discussion, and some information about the Barber trip coming up!

Episode 82: Total Squid on a Harley

Let's see here. There are a couple lawsuits, some new KTMs, motorcycles are "dirty dirty dirty dirty vehicles" and we have a heapin' helpin' o' listener e-mail. Yep, that covers it.

Episode 81: A showroom full of Little Monsters

Episode 81 July 31, 2011 - A showroom full of little monsters.
If it could go wrong getting this show out on time this week, it did. So... without preamble and grumbling on, we present to you, Episode 81. Enjoy!
This week the guys speculate on the future of Ducati's 2-engine line-up. Then they spend some time in the shade thanks to the new e-Tint electronic helmet visor inserts. Erik Buell teases us further with another of the EBR Nation videos. Erik seems to be moving full bore; exciting stuff ahead, to be sure. The CBR250R from Honda gains some major after market support. And continuing our trend of Feedback-a-palooza, we have emails and audio clips galore. This week's audio clip takes an excellent look at helmet laws from the pro- stance, and is certainly thought provoking. Jon also gives us some PDFs to read on the matter. Take a look!
  • From Roland Cannon - on Nitrogen in tires
  • From Brad Kaplan - on the NT700 Deauville
  • From Zack Skogsberg - on the venerable Ninja 250 touring mount
  • Excellent audio clip from Jon DelVecchio - on the helmet law debate from another perspective
See the show blog for Ep81 addendum with the PDFs from Jon!