Road Trip Hiatus

We’re on the road this week. The Pace is headed to the Barber Motorsports Museum just out side of Birmingham AL. We’re taking 2 weeks off to accommodate the trip but there is lots of activity on line. You can follow along on the official Facebook event page for the trip, the show’s Facebook page, Jeff and Todd’s MotoTour 2010 page and possibly, my Twitter feed. I’m not sure about that last one yet. I missed the start of the trip for personal reasons but I hope to catch up with the crew on the road early this week.

Look for a brand new episode on October 2nd.

Episode 86: It’s more naked than the other Nakeds, and it’s from Europe

Episode 86
Sept. 11, 2011
This week the guys talk about the new Husq Nuda 900 in all its naked glory. How can a naked bike look more naked…? The Nuda gets it done. Costco goes Zero and brings the electric bike crazy to the Canadian public. What bike gets honorable mention in one category and wins a completely different category? Well, check out the top-10 list for 2011 from and learn the answer. But one question remains…. Is it a cruiser? Nissan takes heat for crashing bikes in a cartoon. Yeah… a cartoon. Things to get over: that.

We have some excellent feedback this week and Jim Long asks for some Pace Podcast Opining DuJour on the Harley Switchback. In short: the guys like it.


Episode 85: Huge and Incredible Power Requirements

This week we open with the unexpected ways in which a new seat can change a bike and Chris’ quest for gauges. We’ll move on to some new headlight tech from BMW, new model news from MV and Indian and Husky sets up some new shops. Then we wrap it all up with some new email from you guys.

Scott Lewis found an MP3 in Little River Canyon AL