Episode 97: Bump start the Earth

Episode 97 – Bump start the Earth
December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!! Today the guys put down the egg nog (mixed with bourbon, right?) and talk turkey… er… bikes and stuff. It’s their gift to you. Yule love it. Stay present for the whole show. Not to put too fine a poinsettia on things, but the guys wrap up the news, and shepherd the information, while you pine away, waiting to greet the riding season. Jolly & Merry and stuff…

Goodness, that’s just awful.

Anyway, after the news, the guys are dashing into feedback, blitzen their way to the end, then turn off the recorders and enjoy a silent night.

Ugh… horrible. Just terrible.



Brewery information from Christian…
Of course, you can make your destinations breweries. For example, Russian River Brewery in Santa Rosa, California is one of them, with a Travelodge nearby you’ll be able to sample some of the most incredible Belgian’s in the world. Having been to Belgium a few times, that’s saying a lot. Plus you’re in northern California .. the best place in the world to ride a motorcycle.

Another great place in northern Cali is the Eel River brewing company in Fortuna. There are hotels and a campground walking distance. But the best part is that this is where you can launch to some of the best roads in the country – 36, 96, 299, etc or down the coast on 101 to the Avenue of Giants, then to Hwy 1 and Ft. Bragg. There are some incredible roads in this area. We tend to stay in Fortuna a couple nights in a row so we can ditch the luggage and ride loops unencumbered.

Montreal has Dieu De Ciel, and I seem to recall they offer lodging too. But this is all about the beer, and these guys have made some of the best quadrupel I’ve tasted.

Deschutes Brewing Co. in Bend, Oregon is a great stop before or after crossing the desert. Stay at the Old St Francis School too, which is walking distance from the brewpub, and they brew their own as well.

New Glarus, in New Glarus, Wisconsin is near some excellent roads in a swiss village knockoff (note that the Glarner Stube is where you sample the beer and eat german food). Or the Great Dane Brewing Co. in Madison, Wisconsin.

Episode 96: The Gear Chic Returns

It seems we didn’t scare Joanne off the first time. That’s right, she came back and we’re glad that she did. This week it’s all about EICMA, Leo Vince, Spidi, Italy and Cycle World.

Photos courtesy of Joanne Donn

Photo courtesy of Joanne Donn

Spidi's air bag collar

Photo courtesy of Joanne Donn

This is the pic that Joanne sent us during the show

Photo courtesy of Joanne Donn

Style Your Life

Episode 95: The Gear Chic Interview. With BRAINNNSSSS!

Episode 95 for December 11, 2011
The Gear Chic Interview. With BRAINNNSSSS!

This week we interview Joanne from The Gear Chic website and blog. Joanne is your personal shopper, reviewer and gear expert. She works at a dealership, she rides – a lot – and is also an MSF instructor. When she’s not doing those things, she’s investigating, reviewing, testing and discussing riding gear. Pay attention, folks… She’s got some excellent information and advice.

Stay tuned after the interview for some feedback, and we learn that – like zombies – the C10 just won’t die, or go away. Listener Jason Farley wants some information on riding up to Alaska. Oh, and BRAINNNSSSS!!!

Check out Joanne’s site at http://gearchic.com/about/

You can also find her on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/GearChic, Twitter at http://twitter.com/GearChic or on her new Help Line at 415-857-GEAR.

Opening music No Way, by Kunk

Episode 94: All Yuletidey and Whatnot

This is it folks. We’ve done our best to save you from another Christmas filled with bad sweaters, socks and handkerchiefs. Actually, we do have socks on the list but they’re really good socks. Anyway, we’ve done our part. Now it’s up to you to figure out how to get this episode on to the smart phones and iPods that belong to your friends and family.

The Nuda 900 at the Perth International Motorcycle Expo

HI Chris and James – Here are the photos I took on the day of the Nuda 900. The bike looks more Hypermotard than tourer to me – seat style is more out of the Huski trail range and I’m sure your bottom would hurt after a while in the saddle! The 900R has a rear Ohlins shock which is a nice piece of add on as the normal 900 model has the Sacs (not too shabby either!). Both have Sacs forks. It’s a parallel twin (tweaked) motor with nice high bars and the rear footrests are in an okay position for two upness. It comes with (after market) accessories for ‘touring’ like a higher windshield and rear panniers. I could really do with a higher screen on the 900 Hornet!! The guy from the importer told me that it comes in at just over 100bhp and about 175kg (386 lbs) in ‘dry’ weight. The bike on show had no electrics and fluids in it so could not even be started or ridden! It was being sent onto the Sydney show and then back to Italy so we were fortunate? We have to wait until March for a test ride and it should retail in Australia for about $16000 (about par with the USD so same possibly for yourselves) I think it would make a great kick ass second bike and I love the design. Not a fan of those plasticy type mirrors and I would’ve liked it to come with the hand protectors. It looks a very clean simple machine – anyway, I enjoy the show, loved the ‘Barber’ trip stuff and the general day to day bike banter you guys do!

Cheers – Jamie McVey

Thanks, Jamie. Really appreciate the pictures and the write up. Much appreciated!

Nuda 900 @ Perth

Nuda 900 @ Perth

Nuda 900 @ Perth

Nuda 900 @ Perth

Nuda 900 @ Perth

Nuda 900 @ Perth

Nuda 900 @ Perth

Nuda 900 @ Perth