Episode 100: We Suck Less

Episode 99: Shoppin’ with The Gear Chic

Episode 99 – Shoppin’ with the gear chic!
Jan 22, 2012
This week, James and Chris discuss brands… Toyota, Pepsi & Coke, IBM, Cisco… oh, and Harley-Davidson, too. What’s the value of a brand? You’re guaranteed to walk away puzzled.The guys vamp over Honda’s new offering in the US, the NC700-X. Is that ABS in your auto-tranny, or are you just happy to be shifting? Yeah, something like that. Anyway, Honda’s new machine looks like the cat’s meow and makes a lot of sense… except for the parts that don’t.

Have you ever wanted to see a KLR as designed by Chuck Norris and Randy “The Macho Man” Savage (he stopped designing Suzukis, after all)…? The Husqvarna Baja (concept) might be just what Ken “The Doctor (of style) Johnson” ordered. Yeah, yeah… that was a stretch, I know. The Baja looks like a seriously badass version of what the KLR and other dirty, dirty dual-sports could be if they’re injected with testosterone and Hulk sweat. Give it a look.

Oh, and speaking of manly… Judge for yourself, the new Victory. It’s lean, it’s pretty, it’s poweful. Dredd it. Ok… ok, I’ll stop now.

The boys round out the show with some feedback, then turn the mics over to Joanne Donn, aka The Gear Chic, to give us some tips on how to shop for gear. These are some great tips and Joanne has a lot of information available. Check out her segment, then peruse her site for more detail. If Joanne survives the Arctic freeze in the great San Francisco tundra, look for future segments from her. The guys chipped in and bought her a kerosene heater from a second hand shop down on Hudson Street, but ya know… UPS just won’t ship kerosene in Harley-branded Coke bottles, so we hope she’ll be OK.



  • Paul Hempel
  • Denver Conway
  • Joel Cramer
  • Andrew Myers

Opening music is No Way by Kunk


Episode 98: It’s Just Horrible

Victory Hardball
Ducati Indiana
BMW R1200 CL


Jan 9, 2012: the no-show blues

Jan 9, 2012: the no-show blues!

Sadly, we were simply unable to bring you a show this week. However, when we return next week we should be able to discuss our plans for the IMS in NYC this year, a quick weekend jaunt that Chris took on the bike, plans for the future, and of course, all the fun and excitement James and Chris bring to the motorcycle world already! Stay tuned.

We hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year holiday and we’d love to hear feedback from your Christmas holiday – how many of your holiday shopping wish list items made it into your stockings? Also, we would love to hear what people have planned for the Spring time and beyond in terms of bike trips, bike shopping, bike repairs or upgrades, etc. Anyone going to be breaking in new gear or trying out some new farkles for 2012?

Let us know: feedback@thepacepodcast.com