Episode 117: The Rare and Elusive Ninja Groundhog

Mark Lotspeich’s trio of riders


JCL MP150F from Scott Lewis


JCL MP150F from Scott Lewis



Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

June 17, 2012


Hey all… we’re sorry to say that we’re taking the week off. You know the drill; busy lives, summer time (go ride!) and it’s Father’s Day. We decided to take the week off. Look for us next week with the rest of the feedback (keep it coming!) and we should be announcing a date for the Women Riders’ Roundtable Show then, too. We have all the participants on board and ready to go.

Send your questions and comments for the lady riders to feedback@thepacepodcast.com for inclusion in the show.



Episode 116 – Let’s be clear… I’m not saying I don’t like racing.

Episode 116 – Let’s be clear… I’m not saying I don’t like racing.
June 10, 2012
What’s there to say about this week’s show…? Well, Chris says we’re wasting fuel in racing, but the consensus is what he really means is, the PERCEPTION is that fuel is being wasted on racing, meanwhile bike MFGs are making bikes that go faster, harder, more and bigger, but there’s no priority being put on MPG. So, ya know, don’t hate the guy for his comments. James and Chris both have work to do on their SVs and thank goodness the weather is only in the low 90s so they won’t die of heat stroke working on the bikes.Lower cost Raptors in the US…? Yes. And even factoring in US-based labor. Go figure. Ride to Work Day is coming up, so we’re going to see all The Pace Podcast’s listeners on the road on June 18th, right? RIGHT? Yes, of course we are. The good news is, Garmin has released the new Zumo with lifetime maps. Now you have NO excuse not to ride to work, right? RIGHT?

Good. I’m glad that’s settled. Oh, and there are some juicy links to various things… check ‘em out.


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Episode 115: The Dirty Ninja