Episode 127

Matt Johnson’s Sportster


Episode 126: Appropriately Grinning

Episode 126 – Appropriately Grinning
September 23, 2012

This week we speculate and ponder the existence of the as yet non-existent existence of Honda’s non-existent V4 sport bike. It doesn’t exist. Yet. Will it? We don’t know, but it sounds like the non-existent bike may exist some day. Whew. That went round the horn a bit. KTM gives us a new big Adventure bike and it’s powered by the RC8 mill. Question is, did the plob the lump in there, or do some reworking on it?

EBR tosses out some ideas on how better to support dealerships, and let’s slip a little info on the new EBR machines coming out in 2013. You on board? Triumph announces pricing on the new Trophy touring bike and clearly has BMW centered in their crosshairs.

Some brief commentary on the Fischer and CF Moto lower-cost alternative bikes, and does Can Am have something new up their collective sleeves…?




  • Russell Hoffman


  • Alex Miller


  • Tom

Theme song composed and performed by, and courtesy of Raoul Lowe.

Episode 125: All Kinds of Neat, Sweet Bits

Sept 09, 2012

Hey folks. Again… I know, I know…
Promise, this’ll be the last time for a while.
COME ON! I promised!

Come back next week for tons of feedback and discussion, and maybe a giveaway.


Episode 124 – Feedback bonanza redux like, all over again.

Episode 124 – Feedback bonanza redux like, all over again
September 2, 2012


New Ninja 250 300 coming to the States?


We have feedback. Not much more to say, really… Listen in and enjoy.