Episode 130: It’s the Future!

We have a dual purpose episode this week. It’s a bizarre Frankenstein’s monster of a show bringing The Pace and The Wheelnerds together for the second time!  We have our usual measure of news, email and random diversions along with a couple classified ads that Todd brought with him. Get ready! Here comes The Pace 130 and Wheelnerds 65!

October 21st, 2012

Hey all.

We’re sorry to say we’re taking the week off. James is enjoying a much needed vacation, and I’m working on coordinating some family emergency travel. I can spill some details on that later, but for now let me just say that we appreciate your patience and your hanging in there when life gets in the way of the show. The Pace has the best audience in all of Podcastdom. Don’t ever doubt that.

Thanks and stay tuned for next week’s show.


Episode 129: I didn’t read that article

Episode 129: I didn’t read that article
October 14, 2012

This week, while James is off exploring the wilds of corporate travel, Chris enlists the help of his friend John, an MSF instructor, long time rider and track day junkie, to help keep the show on track (pun!). In true Pace Podcast form, many a rathole was visited, and many a tangent was… tangentalized.

Discussion: Low speed turn



Theme song by Raoul Lowe

Episode 128: Intermot 2012

This weeks show is all about Intermot 2012 with special guest Crash from The Cafe Racer Podcast.