Episode 156: Splitting the Ducati Atom


Episode 156: Splitting the Ducati Atom

September 25th, 2013





  • Rick Macasieb

  • Lund

  • Colin Cronenberg

  • Mike Eisman

  • Doug Kneissl

Theme music composed and performed by Raoul Lowe


Packing List

As I prepare for four glorious days worth of riding in New York and Pennsylvania I realized that I haven’t updated my pack list for motorcycle trips in a couple years. I sat down yesterday to do just that. This list is geared towards the Sprint GT which has enough storage on board to keep me on the road indefinitely. If we were talking about the SV, it would be much shorter.

What do you think? Am I missing anything?

[ ]Air pump
[ ]Patch kit
[ ]Small can of Plexus
[ ]Cleaning cloth for shield

[ ]GPS

[ ]Chain lube
[ ]Tire pressure gauge

Packed Gear
[ ]Rain gear

[ ]Spare gloves
[ ]Clear shield

[ ]Spare ear plugs

[ ]50mm
[ ]70-210mm
[ ]Tripod
[ ]Spare camera battery

[ ]Camera battery charger

[ ]Lightning cable
[ ]30 pin cable
[ ]USB wall plug adapter for iPad
[ ]USB cigarette plug adapter
[ ]Phone

[ ]iPad
[ ]Micro USB cable for charging Sena SMH 10

[ ]Micro USB to Lightning adapter


[ ]T-Shirts (number of days +1)
[ ]Boxers (number of days +1)
[ ]1 pair of shorts

[ ]1 pair of jeans
[ ]Casual shoes
[ ]1 casual jacket or sweatshirt
[ ]Light weight ski socks (number of days +1)

[ ]Normal socks (number of days)

Toiletries and Drugs
[ ]Tooth brush
[ ]Tooth paste

[ ]Deodorant
[ ]Prescriptions
[ ]Aspirin

[ ]Vitamins

Absolute Necessities

[ ]Bottle opener


Episode 155 – That’s not OK

Episode 155 – That’s not OK.
Sept. 9, 2013


Scotchgard. That’s how you spell customer service. Or not. Meanwhile, Kali fixes you right up. James talks about his Tiger 800 extended test ride and talks about gloves. Chris briefly reviews the Scorpion Hat Trick jacket, and we learn that Scorpion makes a heck of a rain liner. Speaking of the wet stuff, Harley uses wat… er…. “precision twin” cooling in their new engines. The guys get their love fest on and sing Kumbaya at Rushmore. 2014 seems like a really good year for motorcycles. ABS FOR EVERYONE! STEP RIGHT UP! Then there’s feedback. Lots and lots of feedback! Join in… send your questions and comments to feedback@thepacepodcast.com.

Editorial / commentary:

  • Kali customer service

  • Olympia customer service





  • Jordan Yaruss

  • Max Wedge

  • Russell Hoffman

  • Jeff Katzer

Theme song composed and performed by Raoul Lowe


Better Late than Never…

Hey, everyone – the show will be out a day late this week, but not to fear, it will be epic as always. Plus, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and other applicable clichés. While they’re at it, Chris and James will be discussing returning to a regular weekly schedule. Stay tuned!

The Helmet Hook by eXtuff

If you’re like me, when you just need to walk away from the bike for a few minutes you might often find yourself putting your helmet on your handle bar and checking it for stability 8 or 10 times before walking away, fearing the whole time that it will fall off and burst into a million pieces the second someone sneezes anywhere in the parking lot.

Because of this, I usually just carry my helmet with me. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a stable and trusted way of just hanging the helmet on the bike somewhere for a few minutes while you fuel up, get an ice cream cone or make a phone call? Well, now you can. Enter, the Helmet Hook.

The Helmet Hook is, as the name might imply, a hook for your helmet. The hook is designed to bolt onto the handle bar end, between the bar and the bar-end weight. Most bikes these days have some sort of damping weight on the ends of the handle bars, so the number of bikes on which this *won’t* work should be small and fleeting.

hooks2To install the hook, you simply unscrew or unbolt your existing weight, slide the screw or bolt through the hook and reinstall the weight. The weight has a sizing washer in the center to help accommodate various mounting options across the plethora bikes and manufacturers.

Take a look and send George a note if you like the product. The Helmet Hook product can be ordered directly from eXtuff’s website and the price includes shipping. Paypal is accepted and should make for a very easy purchasing experience.

Big Things in the Works…

No show this week, but there’s some great stuff going on! Over the Labor Day weekend, James and Chris got together in the garage to record some handy how-to videos which should be released very soon. Plus, the boys got together to discuss plans for some video segments and some new segment and content ideas in general, so stay tuned.

In addition, you can look forward to the show returning to a weekly release schedule within the next few weeks now that summer is winding down and life is getting back to normal for our intrepid heroes.

On the next show, the guys will be discussing bike maintenance topics, at least one gear review, Olympia customer service, some bike news, and, of course, feedback!