Episode 165: Viable Enough

Episode 165

February 19, 2014






  • Michael Watts

  • Ryan Hofer

Theme music composed and performed by Raoul Lowe


Happy Vallumtimes Day

Sadly, we’re unable to get a show out this week. The last several weeks have been awful in terms of people being sick, long day-job hours and various commitments. Call it a Winter break, if you must. Yeah, that’s it.

We’re back next week with a full show with news, opinions, feedback and all the goodness. Want a teaser…? HONDA!

So, go hit the card store, get your sweetheart something pretty and enjoy the upcoming weekend by NOT thinking about burly, hairy (except the bald one) podcasters moping around in snow and ice, barely remembering how to even start a motorcycle, much less ride one.

Happy Vallumtimes Day.