For sale: 1995 Honda Magna

Thanks to a drunk driver, I was in a nasty car crash a couple weeks back and it’s going to be months – lots and lots of them – before I can ride again. Horrible time of year to try to sell a bike, but … I could use the money for upcoming medical bills ’til whatever happens with the lawsuit happens – which could take years.

HmArSS2It’s a 1995 Magna, yellow, ~17,000 miles. When I got it, it was all decked out in cruiser-typical fashion, and I mechanically returned it to (mostly) stock. Took off the forward controls, all the chrome stuff, etc. It has steel brake line, new pads, a Trailtech Striker digital gauge/computer in place of the stock gauges, and a Honda 919 headlight (much brighter and wider swath of light).

Includes tail rack and a tail trunk. I can pull off the tail trunk and put the normal back rest back on if you like.

Located in Northern Delaware, $2500, pretty firm but open to reasonable offers, obviously not interested in trades.

WqN4gtxPictures are before I swapped out the headlight; the headlight assembly is now black and chrome and larger. No surprises with this bike; the Magna uses the 2nd(?) gen VFR 750 engine with chain cams rather than gear cams, and this one is a rather good example of one. It’s not a chromed-out show piece; it’s a rider’s bike and in very good shape.

For those out of the area, I can assist with delivery or meetup, likely in exchange for gas money (if necessary) and/or overnight accommodations (again, if necessary). I have a trailer and tow vehicle. I’m easy to work with.


Episode 194 – Brad Waldron of Kali Protectives

Episode 194: Brad Waldron of Kali Protectives


This week James & Chris are talking with Kali Protectives founder, Brad Waldon.

Owner Brad Waldron started out in aerospace R&D before pursuing his passions for riding and material science at the consumer level. For Brad there’s no point waking up in the morning if he’s not building the safest, smartest products possible. He knows materials, physics, and manufacturing so that you don’t have to.

Chris & James, both, have owned and used Kali products for other two years, and consider Kali and serious contender in the top-shelf helmet market.

You can find information about Kali and their products at

Episode 193: I Really Miss My Guitar

Episode 193: I Really Miss My Guitar

Recorded on January 14th, 2015


This week we’re talking to Joe Popp of Popp Over America. He’s going to ride a motorcycle and play guitar all over these United States. He going to film it and put it out there for all of us to see! Hie thee to Kickstarter! I want to see this get made.

Giveaway time again: Cardo Scala Rider

YAY! Giveaway time again!

IMG_20150114_204455328Up for grabs this time is a original Cardo Scala Rider helmet audio communicator and entertainment system. This gently used, fine working item was donated by listener and friend of the show Ed Day. Thanks, Ed!

To win this Scala Rider, simply reply to this blog post, and tell us about a time that having a helmet communicator would have made one of your rides better, more enjoyable or safer. Winning entry will be chosen by random selection after all entries are read for content by James & Chris.

Contest runs through Jan 31, 2015. Ready… set… GO!

Episode 192 – January 2015 Riders’ Roundtable

Episode 192 – January 2015 Riders’ Roundtable discussion


This week, James & Chris are joined by Todd from The Wheelnerds and Chris & Steve from The Cafe Racer Motorcycle Podcast.

The esteemed panel of experts lay out everything you can expect in 2015 with flawless logic, on-point analysis, and laser tight focus on the most important issues of the coming year.


A Burgman tale…

Today we bring you a story from listener Scott Cloninger.

Chris and James,

I’m finally catching up on a couple of months’ worth of back episodes of The Pace and while listening to Episode 188 Chris’ Bergman story brought to mind an excellent illustration of the Bergman’s prowess….so here goes:

One of the groups I ride with occasionally is a small collection of former Clemson University students from the ’60s and ‘70s who call themselves the Clemson Café Racers.  This group has an annual weekend event called Ride-In-Camp-Out where associates gather in metropolitan Walhalla, South Carolina (I forgive you if you’ve never heard of it) and camp on one of the members’ farm.  From Walhalla the group rides most of the day Saturday and Sunday throughout western South Carolina, north Georgia, western North Carolina, and eastern Tennessee. 

The members of the CCR ride an eclectic collection of motorcycles, mostly of a sporting nature.  They tend toward European marques like Ducati and KTM, but there is always lots of Japanese hardware present, as well.  These gents are all excellent riders with decades of riding experience.  They know the local roads since they’re mostly locals, and they tend to ride at a VERY spirited pace when they gather together.  The most lauded member of the group is a Gent named Tom Allred.

Tom generally shows up on whatever his latest purchase is, and it’s generally the latest, greatest sporting hardware, though he has shown up on everything from a Ducati superbike to a well-worn KLR.  A few years ago Tom pulled in Friday afternoon aboard a Bergman 650.  He proceeded to tell everyone how it rides comfortably, handles well, accelerates well, and is an overall blast to ride…in fact, Tom had just ridden his Bergman from South Carolina to Alaska and back!  We all doubted his assessment despite his excellent riding chops.

Saturday morning our plan was to ride from Walhalla northward to the Blue Ridge Parkway, then head east for lunch at the Pisgah Inn.  Tom lit out to show us the way.  He set a pace that was slower than that group’s typical silly speeds, but was nonetheless quite spirited and an absolute blast to ride!  This ride was punctuated by a story that’s one of those you just can’t make up……..

I’m sure you’re aware that the speed limit on the Parkway is 45 mph along most of its length.  Let’s just say that the CCR’s pace exceeded that slightly.  😉  While riding toward the Pisgah Inn the group came up behind a rider aboard a spanking new Hayabusa.  As Tom passed you could see him looking over in disbelief as the Bergman slid past, footboards dragging as the scooter leaned over into a right hand turn.  He shook his head as the rest of the group slipped by with a gentle wave. 

Later as we were eating lunch the Hayabusa rider walked up to our table and started a conversation.  “How am I ever going to tell my buddies I got smoked by a scooter?”, he queried.  Tom simply responded “Don’t tell ‘em.” 

I can’t say that was the most fun I’ve ever had on a CCR ride, but it was definitely the most memorable.  FEAR THE BERGMAN!!!!!

Keep talking.  I’ll keep listening.

Scott Cloninger
General Partner
Desert Desmo LLC
Albuquerque, NM