Episode 201: 40 Feet in the Air

Episode 201: 40 Feet in the Air
Recorded March 25, 2015

Kristin Casey returns to tell us about back to back race weekends at Roebling Road and Daytona International Raceway. We’ll cover some post-race topics, getting the bike back into racing form, packing up for a race weekend, cleanup after a crash, and hey… who doesn’t like discussing that awesome RV!



Episode 200 – It may be a day or so late…

Episode 200
March 19, 2015


We talk. We read feedback. We opine.



  • Stuart Watson
  • Ward
  • Trevor Ross
  • Jon DelVecchio
  • Justin Varner
  • Nick Tasker
  • Andrew Corson
  • Dave Marzilli

What’s for sale…?


I decided to take a look at the bikes-for-sale listings on one of the popular motorcycle forums. The forum in question has a focus on ADV bikes, but it’s a large global market place. Anyway, here’s a listing of ads that had activity (new posts, new replies, etc) in a one-day period (business hours, Eastern time). Just found this list interesting.

Discuss: ready… set… GO!

Download (PDF, 34KB)

March 15, 2015 – the break

March 15, 2015


We’re taking a brake. Duty calls and stuff gets in the way.

Back next week with lots of feedback and discussion!


Episode 199: You Want to Keep All of Your Bits

Episode 199: You Want to Keep All os Your Bits

Recorded March 8, 2015


Show notes will be added Monday evening.

Episode 198: There are only three sports

Episode 198: There are only three sports
Recorded February 27, 2015


This we we have a few news items and reviews, then it’s hip deep in feedback. ALL THE FEEDBACK!


Sound Rider gear and equipment




  • Roland Cannon
  • Patrick Advincula
  • Russell Hoffman
  • Curtis
  • HiPro / Ryan
  • Joel Cramer
  • Cris Bennett (from the blog)