Episode 217: The numbers went up

Episode 217: The numbers went up Jan 31st, 2016 ThePaceFINAL-300x116
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Another contest idea, courtesy of Frank Rainieri

Listener Frank Rainieri came up with a cool contest idea: Create ONE post in this thread. Pick ONE bike from each modern, currently-doing-business manufacturer, that you think best represents the brand, and give us a few sentences on each explaining why. We'll pick a winner at random from those who give us the most qualifying bikes. Prize will be a "help you out on the road" gift pack pulled together from my garage - some new items, some gently used - that will hopefully make your bike travels more enjoyable, perhaps safer, and maybe more complete... in some way. Ready.... set... GO!

Episode 216: It’s Good that It’s Gone

Episode 216

January 17, 2016







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