Episode 151 – Tucked man boobs and big white bellies

Episode 151 - Tucked man boobs and big white bellies July 9, 2013


This week the guys are triumphantly back and triumphantly a day later than hoped... Eh, it happens. Anyway, the guys explore the new VStrom 1000, talk about Buell of India - sort of - and chat about the ongoing rumor out of Italy. Brammo on the rebound... er... recall list. And my goodness, there’s feedback aplenty. Plus... James gets a free tire! FREE TIRE!!! All this and more on The Pace Motorcycle Podcast, found along with the show notes at thepacepodcast.com.




Questions from FB:

  • John Jones - Is anybody really going to buy a Honda Grom 125 for $2999 ... So freight prep documentation tax close to $4000.... Really?

  • Elizabeth Hearn - I want a pony.

  • Will Munck - Where do babies come from?


  • Ed Hidden

  • Peter De Keles

  • James

  • Brad from Annapolis

  • Joon Orione-Kim

  • Jason Genego


Episode 34: Dorm Room Chique Insanity

Episode 34 - Dorm Room Chique Insanity