Episode 214: AIMExpo Wrap-up

Episode 214: AIMExpo Wrap-up November 4, 2015 ThePaceFINAL-300x116
AIMExpo discussion. Some very cool stuff. Links:  

Episode 213 – All of it. Just all of it.

Episode 213 October 12, 2015 ThePaceFINAL-300x116
Catching up for lost time. We read feedback. All the feedback. Ever. And talk about some AIMExpo teases. Feedback:
  • Justin Eagle (from July)
  • Kurt Wahtera
  • Scott Bolton
  • Matt Campe (Springfield, IL)
  • Jeff Kirchman (I like this question ~ch)
  • John Bennett
  • Johan Kvande
  • Dave Edwards

Episode 186: If We Can Go Off on a Tangent

Episode 186: If We Can Go Off on a Tangent

Recorded on October 8, 2014

Links: Feedback:

Theme music composed and performed by Raoul Lowe

Round Table #1

This week's panelists include... Stephen Grasso from The Cafe Racer Podcast Cristi Farrell from The Moteriffic Podcast Michael Kaiser from KinderRider Inc.
Opening music by KunK