Episode 123 – The German sports car, Lamborghini

Episode 123 - The German sports car, Lamborghini August 26, 2012
Kawasaki wows us with a new Ninja 250, updated and modernized after 19 consecutive Millenia. Fuel injection and optional ABS are finally in the mix. Lookout, Honda. Who owns Ducati? Well, it’s not us. And apparently, it’s not the Germans. But it is. No, no... the OTHER Germans. The Italian ones. You know. SuperTrapp, that iconic 80s muffler manufacturer is alive and well, and buying up other companies. And S&S, the custom chopper engine manufacturer, gets a new line of customer. I mean, this is just a crazy week full of “huh, who knew?” kind of stories. News: Feedback:
  • Martin Bohme

Episode 121 – six eight with a 40 inch inseam

Episode 121 - six eight with a 40 inch inseam July 22, 2012
Feedback bonanza! Buell gets cash! Audi needs to learn how to stand on its own two wheels. The Street Single! Yeah... lots of amazing stuff. You can tell by all the exclamation marks. We speculate on things. We guess. We assume. We pontificate, and hey... we advise. But we do all with gusto and verve. Also, if you have a picture you’d like to see added to The Pace’s website’s front page, email it to feedback@thepacepodcast.com and we’ll make it happen. Our site was hacked and when we rebuilt the site, we didn’t put the graphics back to what we had yet. This is your chance to shine. It’s your time. It’s you! YOU! You could have your pictures featured on The Pace in perpetuity. Or at least for a really long time. You got game? Who cares...? We don’t want your game. That’s silly. Just your pics. News:
Links: Facebook feedback:
  • Joel Cramer - his friend likes his smaller bike
  • Jorge Pena - all the gear, except on the Harley
  • Allan Lessard
  • Justin Varner
  • Matt Mastrosimone
  • Roland Cannon
  • Nick Morland
  • Chris Voysey
  • Mike

Episode 114 – Bottom line: We’re just not very good at it.

Episode 114 - Bottom line: we’re just not very good at it. May 27, 2012
This week the guys talk about all sorts of craziness. Audi makes an electric bike. No... the OTHER kind of bike. With pedals. No, not foot pegs... PEDALS. As in, human powered locomotion. I know, crazy... right?
Well, if that's not crazy enough, how about turning your Citroen into a motorcycle in the middle of the desert when it breaks down.  Crazy you say? Well, it's ok. He's French.
But wait, you want MORE crazy? How about an $810 Honda motorcycle...? Crazy enough for you?
And to temper the crazy with a little bit of sanity and good discussion, Joanne the GearChic joins us for talking about summer riding and the gear to do it best.
Links: Feedback:
  • James (from ST.N)
  • Chris Harr - commenting on 100k+ mile bikes
  • Joanne talks to us about Summer riding gear

Episode 111 – It was a bit facetious

Episode 111 - It was a bit facetious. April 22, 2012
This week we talk about the (apparently?) finalized Audi-Ducati deal. Chris is convinced the status-quo will continue being all quoey, while James thinks there's going to be some change. Good? Bad? Time will tell. I don't think the guys need to enter a to-the-death cage match to prove who's right. Probably for the best. We don't have any mops around the Pace studios to clean up the mess.
Ryca gets right on with documenting the new street tracker build and it's shaping up nicely! Check it out. Also, it's like zip car for scooters. Good idea? Only San Francisco will know for sure. We have high hopes for this venture, and maybe this could set a trend for the future.
Links: Feedback:
  • Motorcycle Girl (Celeste)
  • Kurt Wahtera
  • Eric Shelton - (discussing standards)
  • James
  • Chris Ashmore (two emails here)
  • David Maas
  • Chad Bolling
  • Roland Canon
  • Jeff Kuhne
  • Colleen First
  • Paul Manson (Facebook)

Episode 110: It becomes a game of chicken

Episode 108: The Ultimate Rick Roll

Episode 108: The Ultimate Rick Roll March 32, 2012

Episode 107: It’s weather prooth.

Episode 107: It’s weather prooth. March 25, 2012
This week the guys bring you a plethora of... well, they talk a lot. Home modified iPhone mounts. GPS it with Navigon: redux. James’ Sena saga may finally be over. Here’s hoping. April is the AMA’s Get Out And Ride Month, which means The Pace’s loyal listeners are just doing what they do every day. Right? RIGHT? Get out and ride. Go on, get out of here, kid. Triumph is 110 years old. Bonnie doesn’t look a day over 60, and man oh man, does she wear it well. Want to get an idea of how you’ll sit on a couple of hundred bikes? Hit up Cycle-Ergo.com and check out the comparisons. Very nice feature. Armored underwear is awesome, and Knox has what you need. The guys follow up the news with some listener questions and feedback. News:
Listener questions:
  • Roland Cannon - Regarding tubeless tire changes: What’s necessary?
  • James from MA - What sport-tour(able) bike should replace the CBR?
Links: Feedback:
  • Roland Cannon on the Motus
  • James from MA on the Motus, the Sena and the Adirondacks
  • Doug Kneissl follows up on the Xena alarm system
  • Jason Santos on the “woopsie” moments we all have
  • Colin Magnusson comments on Audi buying Ducati
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