Episode 114 – Bottom line: We’re just not very good at it.

Episode 114 – Bottom line: we’re just not very good at it.
May 27, 2012
This week the guys talk about all sorts of craziness. Audi makes an electric bike. No… the OTHER kind of bike. With pedals. No, not foot pegs… PEDALS. As in, human powered locomotion. I know, crazy… right?
Well, if that’s not crazy enough, how about turning your Citroen into a motorcycle in the middle of the desert when it breaks down.  Crazy you say? Well, it’s ok. He’s French.
But wait, you want MORE crazy? How about an $810 Honda motorcycle…? Crazy enough for you?
And to temper the crazy with a little bit of sanity and good discussion, Joanne the GearChic joins us for talking about summer riding and the gear to do it best.




  • James (from ST.N)
  • Chris Harr – commenting on 100k+ mile bikes


  • Joanne talks to us about Summer riding gear