Episode 19 – Porky and shaft driven

Episode 19

Opinions Intro music, No Way by Kunk. Additonal music by Helix and is provided by Music Alley.com

Episode 17 – pasta balls and snow gear

Episode 17 - pasta balls and snow gear

  • News and opinions
    • Massachusetts riders may be eligible for insurance refunds:
      • "may be due a refund, with 6 percent interest"
      • Safety Insurance Company
      • Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
      • Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Company
      • average refund to be ~$300 with some riders' refunds in the thousands of dollars
      • rather than using current book values to calculate premiums, the settling insurers calculated premiums for a 1999 Harley-Davidson Road King Classic based on a $20,000 value in each year between 2003 and 2008
      • http://www.Motorcycle-usa.com/2/5736/Motorcycle-Article/MA-Motorcyclists-Get-Insurance-Refunds.aspx
  • Intro music, No Way by Kunk. This week's music, My Baby Up and Left Me, Wrap Yourself in Glamour, Cheap Guitars and Honky Tonk Bars, Cant Be Lovin You by The Blues Vultures. Music provided by MusicAlley.com

Episode 13: Artsy dedicated 450cc dealer economy (whew!)

Episode 13 for January 17, 2010
News and opinions
  • The new Z1000: B-King light? Definitely a hooligan. And that's OK! ( http://kawasaki.com/Products/product-specifications.aspx?id=432&scid=6 )
  • BMW drops less than other MFGs in the market space.
    • As reported on MotorcycleUsa.com - "BMW announced the news on Monday, January 11, touting sales data from the Motorcycle Industry Council. According to BMW (MIC annual report not yet available for confirmation), the US motorcycle market dropped 41%, to the tune of almost 360,000 unit sales lost. BMW sales dipped 22%, “which was the smallest decline among all motorcycle brands.”
    • As reported by BMW - “Our dedicated dealers were the key to our success this past year,” continued Andersen in the press announcement. “Despite the tough market, they continued serve our customers well and promote our new products like the K1300S and the K1300GT. They were supported by attractive financing programs from BMW Financial Services. While many other dealers struggled to finance their customers’ purchases, BMW dealers never lost access to good financing, and this will continue for 2010.”
    • http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/573/5499/Motorcycle-Article/BMW-Best-Performer-in-2009-US-Market.aspx
Updates on bike shopping? - Chris chose a Buell Ulysses XT ( http://chornbe.com/motorcycles/xt/ )
Follow up and feedback Interview: Part II Dawn of Eclectic Dawn Arts ( http://eclecticdawnarts.com/ )
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Episode 12: On the Abyss Side

Episode 12 for January 10, 2010

  • Special Guests: Ken Denton and Jim Kennedy
  • News and Opinions
    • Recalls
      • BMW: Poor fuel quality may result in small deposits in the throttle bodies.
      • Kawasaki: The engine case on affected motorcycles may leak engine oil on the rear tire.
      • Buell: Due to a manufacturing issue with a part supplier, the right footpeg mount may not conform to specifications.
    • Dakar
      • Sherco kicks ass on day one
    • Chris goes bike shopping
  • Follow Up and Feedback
    • Autocom files for protection from creditors, lays off everyone, restructuring for a return in 2010
      • New distributor: MocoTuA Ltd - 866-951 5550
    • iTunes reviews
  • Interview: Part II Ken Denton & Jim Kennedy in the Alps trip
  • Music provided by Music Alley

Episode 3

Episode 3 for the week of November 8, 2009 rss_graphic_144x144
  • News and Opinions
    • Suzuki in trouble?
    • Yamaha - nothing new in the lineup
    • 2010 Concours 14 - upgrades and improvements

Episode 2

Episode 2 for the week of November 1, 2009

  • News and Opinions
  • What is "sport-touring"?
    • Is Sport-touring a mindset?
    • Is it just going fast while touring?
    • Is it sticking to back roads and just avoiding interstates?
    • Is there really such a thing as a "sport-touring" bike?
  • gear selection for the cold/wet
    • Is waterproof mutli-season gear just a myth?
    • Opinions on zip-in liners...
    • Current gear selections?
  • Follow up to last week's discussion
  • Mods and Rides
    • Turning a motorcycle
    • Countersteering - why is this such a hotly debated topic?
    • General Winter riding tips
  • Links
  • Contact
    • feedback@thepacepodcast.com
    • thepacepodcast.com
    • thepacepodcast.com/forums (a work in progress)

Episode 1

Episode 1 Recorded Thursday, October 22
Music provided by Music Alley: "No Way" by KunK