Episode 92: Slow down, be careful, blah blah blah

Lots of news from Milan, a little from Pennsylvania and a whole heapin’ healpin’ of e-mail.

Episode 81: A showroom full of Little Monsters

Episode 81
July 31, 2011 – A showroom full of little monsters.

If it could go wrong getting this show out on time this week, it did. So… without preamble and grumbling on, we present to you, Episode 81. Enjoy!

This week the guys speculate on the future of Ducati’s 2-engine line-up. Then they spend some time in the shade thanks to the new e-Tint electronic helmet visor inserts. Erik Buell teases us further with another of the EBR Nation videos. Erik seems to be moving full bore; exciting stuff ahead, to be sure. The CBR250R from Honda gains some major after market support. And continuing our trend of Feedback-a-palooza, we have emails and audio clips galore. This week’s audio clip takes an excellent look at helmet laws from the pro- stance, and is certainly thought provoking. Jon also gives us some PDFs to read on the matter. Take a look!

  • From Roland Cannon – on Nitrogen in tires
  • From Brad Kaplan – on the NT700 Deauville
  • From Zack Skogsberg – on the venerable Ninja 250 touring mount
  • Excellent audio clip from Jon DelVecchio – on the helmet law debate from another perspective
See the show blog for Ep81 addendum with the PDFs from Jon!

Episode 51: Free, and worth every penny

Episode 51
October 31, 2010

This week, the show ran long and was rife with technical difficulties. Please try be patient with the audio quality.

Despite those issues with varying internet connections, Skype and audio equipment we interview electric drive experts Eva Hakansson and Bill Dube. Eva & Bill are the designers, builders and owners of ElectroCat, KillaJoule and KillaCycle. ElectroCat is the only fully electric bike to finish the Pike’s Peak climb. Bill & Eva give us insights on some of the newer battery technologies, charging and discharge rates and costs to operate the various types of e-drive vehicles. They also talk a bit about their plans for the future with their current bikes, and new and updated machines, including taking a run at several Bonneville records in the coming season. And they do all this while reconnecting dropped Skype calls. That’s talent and patience.

After talking with Bill and Eva, Chris & James talk about the newly announced CBR250R – Honda’s entry into either the beginner bike market, or the lightweight sport bike market… or something. Price will have a huge impact on the success or failure of this bike, and on what market segment it seems to fit into best. Bottom line – time will tell.

Scott Bolton weighs in on email to clarify Ben and Erik Bostrom’s place in racing in 2010 and 2011.

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