Contest time again: Aeromoto RoadPro waterproof textile jacket


Ok, folks… another contest for you.

1622219_10152661906995586_891714012818753043_nThe prize this time is an Aeromoto Road Pro waterproof textile jacket, size large, in eye-bleeding yellow, and of course a Pace Podcast sticker for your bike, car or toolbox. Please see episode 184 for review. This jacket was worn and reviewed by Chris, in temps from low-60s to upper-80s, both clear, sunny days and cool rainy days (since the review), and has performed admirably.

How can you win this? Reply to this post on with a link to your current jacket (either a picture of yours, or the MFG’s website for the same model), and give us a few words on why you chose it, how well it’s lived up to your expectations, and if you would recommend it to others. We’ll compile this data and come up with a “Listener’s recommendation list”, and post it. (extra credit for pictures of older, rattier but beloved jackets!)

10534196_10152661907260586_4518725234066858704_nWinner will be chosen at random from those submitting a response. Contest will run through the month of October, drawing held on the last day of the month. Get your friends involved, help spread the word about the ‘cast, and of course, about our contests and show. Please enter anyway if you decide you don’t want or need the jacket, and simply state in your reply you’re just playing along for fun.

Details on the jacket can be found at the Competition Accessories website ( ), and please be sure to check the sizing chart for fit. We have one of these, and we’re asking that if you enter the contest to win, please be able to use the jacket, or pass it on to someone who can.


October 23, 2013 – Happy Fourth! No, the other fourth.

October 23, 2013 – Happy Fourth!


Four years we’ve been doing this show. Four years. Seems like just yesterday James and I were sitting on the upstairs balcony of the Deer Park Tavern in Newark Delaware enjoying a cold brew and talking about “… if I ever do a podcast…”

And so here we are, on the fourth anniversary of our show returning to the veritable scene of the crime. If you’re at all able, consider coming out to The Deer Park Tavern on Friday, October 25th (7pm) to join us in celebrating the event.

Oh, and we’re running a raffle for a prize, too. It’s the review unit of the Aeromoto Sport Air leather jacket, submitted for review by Competition Accessories. Check out the full line of Aeromoto merchandise at the CompAcc site.

Wow. Four years… A lot has happened over the last four years, and through it all, The Pace has been a part of my life. The feedback and support from our listeners has been nothing short of amazing. The friends James and I have made – or gotten to know better through the show and events – have been great additions to our lives. The time and effort we put into the show has always been a labor of love and we thank you, one and all, for letting us into your homes and ear buds each week.

Thank you for four wonderful years. May the next forty be just as good.

October 25, 2013 at 7pm – celebrate the 4 year anniversary of The Pace at The Deer Park Tavern.

Aeromoto Sport Air leather jacket raffle

Competition Accessories’ Aeromoto brand

Competition Accessories’ Aeromoto Road Tech short gloves

48948_1As discussed in Episode 157, this week’s gear review highlights the Aeromoto Road Tech short motorcycle gloves. These gloves are made from comfort-lined leather in a short or non-gauntlet sport style. The gloves have perforations along the inner grip of the fingers and have an open wrist with a strap-around retainer. As they are a shorter style with perforations, these gloves are best used in Summer, Spring and Autumn.The comfort lining does afford some resistance to cooler mornings (as I’ve experienced thus far this year).

Construction and protection

48948_3The Road Tech gloves are designed to maintain a certain stiffness and structure to the body and fingers, while permitting very free movement at the various joints in the hand. I found the gloves to be stiff and protective without being fatiguing; I never felt like I was fighting the gloves while gripping the bars, twisting the throttle, or using the various controls. They are well articulated considering their seemingly more-than-ample protective design.

The outer layer of the hands are protected by padded, metal inlay armor on the back of each finger, as well as a metal inlay carbon fiber floating puck for the third row of knuckles and the back of the hand. Considering the size and solidity of the knuckle protection, I never felt like the gloves were tiresome or uncomfortable. The puck floats on a grab-flap that isn’t completely hard fixed to the back of the glove. Using the open-back grab flap as well as the palm flap, the wearer can easily pull the glove fully onto the hand, seating it completely.

48948_4In the grip area of the hand, across the top of the palm and in the crook between the index finger and thumb, lies is a layer of textured material that adds grip, again without increasing the amount of force or pressure it takes to move the hand and grip the bars. I’m not sure what this material is, but it feels substantial enough to add some additional protection.

The palm and outside of the hand (the karate chop area) are covered with a second layer of leather, and the palm includes two plastic sliders at the heel. The additional layer of leather continues down to cover the wrist, while it is held closed by an ample amount of hook and loop textile fastener.

Sizing and comfort

glove1This particular pair of gloves is sized XL and seem to fit me better than most of that size. To put things in perspective, have a wider palm and thicker fingers; I wear a size 13 ring, but my finger length is typically better fit in a medium or large glove. While the palm fits me perfectly, I have a slight bit of room in the glove at the end of each finger, though considerably less than any other XL I might normally have to buy to fit my hands.

As noted, the gloves are comfort lined and feel soft and compliant inside. The liner is not itchy, and helps provide a degree of insulation; while the gloves are not designed for hard Winter use, they’ve been very comfortable on some of our recent 50-degree mornings and I feel that I could easily wear these down to another ten degrees cooler. I’m looking forward to wearing them while using my heated grips in colder weather.


glove4In a market where a comparable style of glove can be found at every level of quality and pricing, I find the current sale price of $119 US to be right in line with many upper tier offerings. I like the quality and construction of these Aeromoto gloves quite a bit. The balance of comfort, dexterity and protection is spot on. While I’m hard to fit for gloves and boots, the Road Tech gloves are closer to “just right” (for me) than any 20 or 30 pairs of gloves I can easily go and try. While a variety of gloves can be found at lower prices, the blending of comfort, fit and protection these gloves seem to exhibit make them a viable choice at this price point.


handsizeBefore reviewing these gloves, I’m not sure I would have bought them on my own as I hadn’t heard of the brand before a few months ago, and their price point is on the high side of medial. Having now tried and reviewed two separate product offerings from Aeromoto, I can say that Competition Accessories has a winner in this brand, and I look forward to the name becoming more common in the market place, and in the gear closets of more riders. Now knowing what do about the brand’s products, I can now say that yes I would, in fact, put my hard earned money toward these gloves. If you’re looking for a premium quality glove, give these (and their gauntlet version) some serious consideration. I don’t think you’ll be sorry.

About Competition Accessories

Competition Accessories has grown from a tiny garage in 1961, to be one of the nations largest sellers of motorcycle gear and accessories.  The Catalog Outlet store and national headquarters sit in a state of the art 34,000+ sq/ft building just off I-77 where customers can come in and have access to over $2 million worth of the best gear on the market.  Our site is a candy store for the motorcycle enthusiast. It carries just about everything from a $4 can of spray cleaner to a nearly $1000 Arai limited edition helmet.

AeroMoto Sport Air Leather Jacket review on Episode 153

The good folks at Competition Accessories offered us an AeroMoto Sport Air Leather Jacket for review on the show. I don’t want to give too much away, but I’ll say this… I’m giving it a 4.5 out 5 stars. Listen to the beginning of Episode 153 for the full review.

About the jacket:

aeromotoThe Aeromoto Corsa Pro pants and Sport Leather Jacket are available in both solid and perforated (Air) versions.Constructed of premium cowhide leather, 1.2mm in the body and 1.4mm over the impact areas, these Aeromotoleathers will keep you comfortable and protected without breaking the bank. CE approved armor is found at theknees, elbows, and shoulders, and knee sliders are included with the pants. Connection zippers are included on boththe pants and the jackets, so if you have been in need of an inexpensive, but good quality two piece leather suit, waitno longer! The Aeromoto gear is simply the BEST quality for the Money you will find.. It is an Everyday Clearance!

  • 1.2mm (body) to 1.3mm (impact areas) premium leather construction for optimum protection, durability and comfort
  • 10mm thick memory foam back protector
  • CE approved shoulder and elbow protectors
  • Perforated leather in key areas for maximum ventilation
  • Extra padding is also provided via padded panels throughout the jacket
  • Pleated leather panels are used in multiple locations for the finest non-binding fit possible
  • Multiple stitched main seam construction for maximum tear resistance
  • Removable and washable quilted liner with a pocket zips in over a permanent mesh lining
  • Moisture wicking neoprene in the collar for maximum rider comfort
  • Zip open air vents are positioned on the chest and back of shoulders
  • Pre-curved arms for a perfect look, fit and for maximum riding comfort
  • Two front hand warmer pockets
  • Two inner pockets; one with zipper closure
  • Two waist connection zippers for any type of pant attachment
  • Extra long zipper pulls are used on all zippers
  • World famous YKK zippers

About Competition Accessories:

Competition Accessories has grown from a tiny garage in 1961, to be one of the nations largest sellers of motorcycle gear and accessories.  The Catalog Outlet store and national headquarters sit in a state of the art 34,000+ sq/ft building just off I-77 where customers can come in and have access to over $2 million worth of the best gear on the market.  Our site is a candy store for the motorcycle enthusiast. It carries just about everything from a $4 can of spray cleaner to a nearly $1000 Arai limited edition helmet.