Episode 96: The Gear Chic Returns

It seems we didn’t scare Joanne off the first time. That’s right, she came back and we’re glad that she did. This week it’s all about EICMA, Leo Vince, Spidi, Italy and Cycle World.

Photos courtesy of Joanne Donn

Photo courtesy of Joanne Donn

Spidi's air bag collar

Photo courtesy of Joanne Donn

This is the pic that Joanne sent us during the show

Photo courtesy of Joanne Donn

Style Your Life

Episode 51: Free, and worth every penny

Episode 51
October 31, 2010

This week, the show ran long and was rife with technical difficulties. Please try be patient with the audio quality.

Despite those issues with varying internet connections, Skype and audio equipment we interview electric drive experts Eva Hakansson and Bill Dube. Eva & Bill are the designers, builders and owners of ElectroCat, KillaJoule and KillaCycle. ElectroCat is the only fully electric bike to finish the Pike’s Peak climb. Bill & Eva give us insights on some of the newer battery technologies, charging and discharge rates and costs to operate the various types of e-drive vehicles. They also talk a bit about their plans for the future with their current bikes, and new and updated machines, including taking a run at several Bonneville records in the coming season. And they do all this while reconnecting dropped Skype calls. That’s talent and patience.

After talking with Bill and Eva, Chris & James talk about the newly announced CBR250R – Honda’s entry into either the beginner bike market, or the lightweight sport bike market… or something. Price will have a huge impact on the success or failure of this bike, and on what market segment it seems to fit into best. Bottom line – time will tell.

Scott Bolton weighs in on email to clarify Ben and Erik Bostrom’s place in racing in 2010 and 2011.

Remember, we’re looking for more voice mails about your planned trips for Spring of 2011! Tell us what you have planned – 484-748-0042.

Episode 38: If I’d Done it in My Twenties…

This week we recap our stellar record in predicting the results of the Cycle World Top 10. We are then joined by Chris Harr while we talk about Suzuki’s triumphant “return” to the U.S. market, Gladiator Rio’s review of the Super Tenere and an iPhone app called TripCast from Jeep. That’s right, Jeep. We close it out with a great conversation about Mr. Harr’s very drool-worthy Aprilia RSV4.

Episode 37: It’s Like Guacamole

We’ve got it all this week. Boots that keep water in, Barney the Dinosaur and even bigger Bavarian beasts. Then we’ll talk about unidentified things in the woods, something neither of us cares about, electric bikes that might be affordable, and a fleet of electrics from the tuning fork company. Someone can’t count, we’ll bring you the latest installment of Aerostich: Genius or Madness and if you’re keeping score, Chris and I are tied at one each.

*I completely changed my post production workflow this week. Please let me know how it sounds.

Episode 22: The Un-Episode

Episode 22

Well, we’re taking another week off. We hope to get back on track next week. In the mean time check out the Cycle World Radio podcast and Cycle Torque. This weeks music is a tune called Who’s That Man? from The Royal Hangmen.

Episode 15: Don’t Ever Come Back

Episode 15 for January 31, 2010

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