Episode 1

Episode 1 Recorded Thursday, October 22
  • News and Opinion
    • Honda’s approach to the US market
      • Is the future of Honda’s offerings just RR bikes and DN-01 style cross-segment machines?
      • Is dropping half the lineup and focusing on a few models alone good enough?
      • Is their heyday over? Are they destined to always leapfrog the other SS/RR bike makers?
      • $27K for a goldwing…? $12k for the RR, $15K for the DN-01, $16k (est) for the VFR… is Honda becoming the next BMW in terms of pricing and perceived value?
  • Mods and Rides
    • Powerlet install
      • trouble spots
      • physical placement of the connectors
      • FUSE!!!

Music provided by Music Alley: “No Way” by KunK