Episode 219 – a lot of fire, a lot of passion

Episode 219 - A lot of fire, a lot of passion Recorded April 18, 2016 ThePaceFINAL-300x116
  • Firstgear TPG Rainier jacket review update
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  • Tom Reynolds
  • Matt Campe
  • Eric Kohnen
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  • David Lanning

Episode 217: The numbers went up

Episode 217: The numbers went up Jan 31st, 2016 ThePaceFINAL-300x116
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  • EJ Kooker (from Facebook)
  • Scott Weaver
  • Chris Duffey
  • Frank Evans

Episode 134 – We’re Back! (insert catchy title here)

Episode 134 - We’re back! (That’s as catchy a title as I can muster today) January 6, 2013 ThePaceFINAL-300x116
The Pace celebrates the fact that the world didn’t end with a triumphant return to the Interwebs... ALL the Interwebs... with episode 134. 1 + 3 = 4. There’s some significance there. If anyone knows any Mayans, please let them know I have some weird math thing that needs lookin’ at. Meanwhile, we give you some product (and place!)reviews, some news, some speculation, some incredibly insightful and well-reasoned discussion, and we answer all your feedback questions with the same poise, dedication and flawless logic that has seen The Pace paving everything in their way and leaving a wake of tears, uncertainty and dou.... no, wait. None of that is right. Well, the feedback part is right. We try, anyway. Welcome to 2013, the first year of the rest of your life. Product Review News: Links: Feedback:
  • Kevin Kocher
  • Rich Radke
  • Tim Bennett
  • John Hart