Tire tools

We got an email asking about several things including a decent tire changing setup. I thought I’d take a moment and paste in my response here in the hopes that it might help someone who’s looking to save a little long-term money on tire changes.

Enjoy — CH

As for the tools, I’ll run through my current setup, and give you some advice at the end.

I have the following tools, and I use every single one of them.

* Harbor Freight tire changer with motorcycle wheel adapter.
* Mojo Lever (the lever that comes with the HF tire changer is garbage)
* Mojo Blocks
* Motion Pro tire levers (2)
* NoMar Spoon Bar (1)
* Yellow Thing
* NoMar XtraHand clamps
* Harbor Freight wheel balancer

If I had to do it over again, the only thing I’d really change is to forgo the HF tire changer and go with the Cycle Hill changer or, if budget allowed, the NoMar Classic. Other than that, I think I’d stick with my tool selection. I think the Mojo Lever is better than the NoMar lever, and the motion pro spoons are freaking awesome.

www.amazon.com/Motion-Pro-08-0007-Curved-Tire/dp/B000GZJ38O (I have two)