Episode 146 – On the road again!

Episode 146 - On the road again! Monday May 6, 2013


This week the guys are playing it loose and cool. James is traveling and Chris is fresh off the road. No real news being discussed; the guys are catching up after a 3 week hiatus, lots of travel, broken bikes and... did we talk about travel?


  • Kali Naza helmet (Chris, non-carbon)

  • Big Skinny Wallets (Chad Bolling)



  • Colin Magnusson - resigning as a listener

  • Colin Magnusson - Powerlet heated jacket feedback

  • Kurt Wahtera - Kali Helmets

  • David Gore - questions


Episode 109 – Well, that’s just f’ing idiotic

Episode 109 - Well, that’s just f’ing idiotic April 8, 2012
This week we honor friend of the show Denise Dickenson on her 200,000 mile Yamaha FZ-1. Keep racking up those miles, Denise. We look at some secure storage options for when you reach your destination. We talk about... Honda. Ok, so it’s just scooter stuff, but come on... news was slim pickings this week. We pile on the goodness with a romp through the feedback, drop an F-bomb or two, then round out the show with a GearChic segment on helmets.News:
Gear Chic: Feedback:
  • Eric Shelton
  • Doug Kneissl
  • Eric Shelton (second topic)
  • Mark Sibincic
  • Gerry from Lancaster (Previous owner of the C3)
  • James (malbojah on ST.N)

Episode 81: A showroom full of Little Monsters

Episode 81 July 31, 2011 - A showroom full of little monsters.
If it could go wrong getting this show out on time this week, it did. So... without preamble and grumbling on, we present to you, Episode 81. Enjoy!
This week the guys speculate on the future of Ducati's 2-engine line-up. Then they spend some time in the shade thanks to the new e-Tint electronic helmet visor inserts. Erik Buell teases us further with another of the EBR Nation videos. Erik seems to be moving full bore; exciting stuff ahead, to be sure. The CBR250R from Honda gains some major after market support. And continuing our trend of Feedback-a-palooza, we have emails and audio clips galore. This week's audio clip takes an excellent look at helmet laws from the pro- stance, and is certainly thought provoking. Jon also gives us some PDFs to read on the matter. Take a look!
  • From Roland Cannon - on Nitrogen in tires
  • From Brad Kaplan - on the NT700 Deauville
  • From Zack Skogsberg - on the venerable Ninja 250 touring mount
  • Excellent audio clip from Jon DelVecchio - on the helmet law debate from another perspective
See the show blog for Ep81 addendum with the PDFs from Jon!

Episode 41: We love you, Michael Bay!

Episode 41 - We love you, Michael Bay!
This week we open up with a volley of hurt on spammers. Ok, it's actually just a lot of whining about spammers, but that doesn't sound nearly as cool. Bottom line: if we accidentally deleted your comments or didn't approve your forum signup, it's not 'cause we don't like you - we're just really bad at figuring out who the real people are vs. the spammers. Sorry. Oh, and Canada... it was a joke. It's all good. After that we discuss recalled R6es and their awesome reflectors. We still love the 'lectrics and we talk about a great article with a 3-bike electric comparo on motorcycle.com. Ever want to flout the helmet laws? Do it in Myrtle Beach. Take THAT, city council! You're not awesome! James admits he loves Michael Bay but thinks the incredible transforming Krugger bike is less than awesome. MCN is awesome, though, because they have the ONLY reports of 2011 Gixxers on the planet. Awesome! Moto Morini is dead; Long live Moto Morini. Except... no. And Honda aims at the FJR and C14 with the new, upcoming VFR1200T? Hmm... They might, rabbit. They might. Continue to stay tuned for CONTESTS!!! We're gonna take next week off, so look for us to come back on the 29th. Enjoy your vacation, James! Links...

The CooCase follow up to the follow up about the follo… oh never mind

Just a quick update to the CooCase adventure. I was able to pick up this nifty HJC helmet on closeout from NewEnough to replace my daughter's gone-missing helmet. It's an HJC CS-R1 "Paradox" in blue and black and silver. Very nice looking helmet. She says it fits well and feels good on her head. The graphics really pop. So that's the last piece of the puzzle. We're golden, now.

Sarah's HJC CS-R1

Episode 24: Shift Leather

Episode 24

Episode 23: I’m Captain Safety

Episode 23

Episode 19 – Porky and shaft driven

Episode 19

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Episode 16: You Can Justify Anything if You Work Hard Enough

Episode 16 for February 7, 2010

  • Follow up and Feedback
    • Email from Ryan

Episode 15: Don’t Ever Come Back

Episode 15 for January 31, 2010

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