Episode 166: Nowhere near a bike

Episode 166 – Nowhere near a bike
Feb 27, 2014


Chris still doesn’t have a bike, so he’s ridden around the block. Once. In about three months. What right does he have hosting a motorcycle show at all? Well, he and James did… And it was good. The guys talk about a new interpretation of the moped, that 70s classic. You supply your own engine. That makes sense, right? And if that’s not enough on which to get your intellectual mastication, the fine, fine Pace Podcast gentlefolk also discuss The Man and his need to interfere with… riders never getting licensed. And there’s lots and lots of feedback!




  • Eric Shelton

  • Adrian Jacob

  • James

  • Roland Cannon

  • Stephane LaFrance

  • Christopher Knox

Listener High Performance Decals’ VStrom on Mulholland!

Episode 49: Triumphantly Honda!

Episode 49 - Oct 17, 2010

Ok, this is the last week we rag on the VFR. Really. I mean… we’ll try. But seriously, the VFR is rumored to be getting a big trailie sibling. That’ll be interesting to see. Right?

We talk about how the EPA nerfs bench racing the ZX-10R, but the good news is no one will notice. I mean… who’s gonna wind that thing up that high, right?

Triumph continues to be Triumph, and this time they’re doing it with a cruiser – giving away thousands of dollars worth of touring upgrades to the Bonne America. Speaking of Triumph, James talks about his test ride on the Sprint GT and by the sounds of it, one is headed for his garage soon

Suzuki gets tricky with pricing on the GZ250, their entry level cruiser-esque bike. Looks like they’re blowing out old stock.

Did we mention Triumph? ‘cause we get to see pictures of the upcoming 800 twin in its dirty clothes. Look out F800… The Tiger’s got its eye on your lunch!

Guzzi updates the Norge/GT with suspenders and an engine update. Is this the first of the “full line revamp” we talked about a few weeks ago? Or is this maybe Guzzi parts-binning some updates on it before a big change…? Stay tuned. Great things could be headed our way from Carlo’s legacy.

We’ll depress you with crappy sales numbers, then lighten the mood with helmets, pictures and contests. We’re like your cranky bipolar uncle, like that.

Colleen gets the nod for the tool kit contest, with Sara getting a runner up mention. Rock on Sara! Craig… loved your kit, but hey… Barbie box. ‘nuff said.

Stay tuned for more contest news, product reviews and more news about the upcoming video offerings. Big things in store!

Tool kit pictures.

Colleen’s winning kit:

barbie box

Colleen's Barbie Box toolkit

barbie open

Colleen's Barbie Box tool kit opened up

barbie tools

Colleen's Barbie Box tool kit ready to use

Sara’s runner up tool kit, rock hammer and all!

sara's tool kit

Sara's joke entry, complete with rock hammer!

The CooCase follow up to the follow up about the follo… oh never mind

Just a quick update to the CooCase adventure. I was able to pick up this nifty HJC helmet on closeout from NewEnough to replace my daughter’s gone-missing helmet. It’s an HJC CS-R1 “Paradox” in blue and black and silver. Very nice looking helmet. She says it fits well and feels good on her head. The graphics really pop.

So that’s the last piece of the puzzle. We’re golden, now.


Sarah's HJC CS-R1