Episode 174: Interview with Bill Dutcher

Episode 174: Interview with Bill Dutcher

Recorded on: 5/29/2014


This week we have a conversation with Bill Dutcher. The founder and organizer of the largest multi brand motorcycle touring rally in the world, Americade.

Episode 96: The Gear Chic Returns

It seems we didn’t scare Joanne off the first time. That’s right, she came back and we’re glad that she did. This week it’s all about EICMA, Leo Vince, Spidi, Italy and Cycle World.

Photos courtesy of Joanne Donn

Photo courtesy of Joanne Donn

Spidi's air bag collar

Photo courtesy of Joanne Donn

This is the pic that Joanne sent us during the show

Photo courtesy of Joanne Donn

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