Joe Rocket & Power Trip

On this past week’s episode, I discussed the “Big Air” ventilation system on the Dakota II jacket review. Some years and versions of the Joe Rocket Ballistic (and I believe the later-years Meteor?) also included that. Here’s a link to a recent version of the Ballistic jacket that includes this same air management system.

It’s a neat design and I like it quite a bit. There’s no ambiguity on whether the air will it you just right and flow into the vents. The jacket front *IS* the vent, so it’s kind of a no-brainer.

Anyway, just thought I’d take a minute and toss out that note.

Episode 154: A Garden Gnome?


Episode 154 – A Garden Gnome?

Aug 19, 2013





  • Jorge Pena

  • Kevin Neatt

  • Doug Kneissl

  • Josh Davis

  • Steve Leis

  • Roland Cannon

  • Erik Johnson

Theme music composed and performed by Raoul Lowe

Episode 148: But they don’t fall down!


Episode 148: But they don’t fall down!

June 3, 2013

In the show’s triumphant return to the internets at large, James and Chris answer letters from listeners, discuss with a fiery passion the electric bike movement, and brag about all their new gear. They also take themselves to task over forgetting they have a website… which is at, by the way… and take a moment to talk about it. The website. The one at That one.

The guys discuss the current state of the E2E Rally – 200 participants!!!! Team Take That, The Pace (aka, Wheelnerds) are leading the charge at a blistering zero points. Not that anyone’s bragging or anything. TAKE THAT WHEELNERDS TEAM TAKE THAT THE PACE! (whew)

And did we mention gear reviews…? James discusses a few items he picked up for use in the garage and out on the road, and Chris talks about his new jacket. How many jackets does one guy need…? Tune in and find out. Hint: Every of. That’s how many.




  • Gee Farce

  • Tim Bennett

  • Matt Murto

  • Peter Jowett

  • Eric Johnson

  • Joel Cain

Theme music composed and performed by Raoul Lowe

Episode 94: All Yuletidey and Whatnot

This is it folks. We’ve done our best to save you from another Christmas filled with bad sweaters, socks and handkerchiefs. Actually, we do have socks on the list but they’re really good socks. Anyway, we’ve done our part. Now it’s up to you to figure out how to get this episode on to the smart phones and iPods that belong to your friends and family.

Episode 91: Stoking the fires of motorcycle awesomeness

Episode 91 – Stoking the fires of motorcycle awesomeness
November 6, 2011
This week, The Pace Podcast discusses Mosha, the elephant with the prosthetic leg, and how Mosha’s life has changed since her unfortunate accident. After Mosha, the guys talk about… wait, no, none of that is true at all. James and Chris do, however, discuss Hong Kong’s adoption of Brammo electric bikes for urban patrol use. The news is rife with V-Strom goodness, both the newly designed 650 and the big-boy legacy 1000.

Speaking of big-boy toys, Triumph releases a new Tiger, and it’s bigger and better than ever. Honda gives us…. (insert drumroll here)… a new Crosstourer based on the concept bike shown at last year’s international motorcycle shows. Oh, and E-15 is going to end the world. Fortunately, Mosha is ready for the challenge.



  • S1000RR test ride by Chris Harr
  • Chad Owen – a Canadian in Korea
  • Brett Byers – Thoughts from a returning rider
  • Justin Varner – outfitted much like James’ bike, and trip ideas

Episode 26: That’s Why We Edit

Episode 26