Episode 12: On the Abyss Side

Episode 12 for January 10, 2010

  • Special Guests: Ken Denton and Jim Kennedy
  • News and Opinions
    • Recalls
      • BMW: Poor fuel quality may result in small deposits in the throttle bodies.
      • Kawasaki: The engine case on affected motorcycles may leak engine oil on the rear tire.
      • Buell: Due to a manufacturing issue with a part supplier, the right footpeg mount may not conform to specifications.
    • Dakar
      • Sherco kicks ass on day one
    • Chris goes bike shopping
  • Follow Up and Feedback
    • Autocom files for protection from creditors, lays off everyone, restructuring for a return in 2010
      • New distributor: MocoTuA Ltd - 866-951 5550
    • iTunes reviews
  • Interview: Part II Ken Denton & Jim Kennedy in the Alps trip
  • Music provided by Music Alley

Episode 8: I thought I saw Julie Andrews

Episode 8 for December 13, 2009 rss_graphic_144x144

  • Follow Up and Feedback
    • Why are 750s considered "beginner's bikes"?
    • What kind of training is appropriate for a returning rider?