Episode 148: But they don’t fall down!


Episode 148: But they don’t fall down!

June 3, 2013

In the show’s triumphant return to the internets at large, James and Chris answer letters from listeners, discuss with a fiery passion the electric bike movement, and brag about all their new gear. They also take themselves to task over forgetting they have a website… which is at http://thepacepodcast.com, by the way… and take a moment to talk about it. The website. The one at thepacepodcast.com. That one.

The guys discuss the current state of the E2E Rally – 200 participants!!!! Team Take That, The Pace (aka, Wheelnerds) are leading the charge at a blistering zero points. Not that anyone’s bragging or anything. TAKE THAT WHEELNERDS TEAM TAKE THAT THE PACE! (whew)

And did we mention gear reviews…? James discusses a few items he picked up for use in the garage and out on the road, and Chris talks about his new jacket. How many jackets does one guy need…? Tune in and find out. Hint: Every of. That’s how many.




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Episode 129: I didn’t read that article

Episode 129: I didn’t read that article
October 14, 2012

This week, while James is off exploring the wilds of corporate travel, Chris enlists the help of his friend John, an MSF instructor, long time rider and track day junkie, to help keep the show on track (pun!). In true Pace Podcast form, many a rathole was visited, and many a tangent was… tangentalized.

Discussion: Low speed turn



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Episode 104: I don’t know what I’m gonna do with it but I want it

WARNING: We spend lots of time talking about electrics this week. Mostly because that’s where the interesting stuff is happening right now. But don’t despair! I’m sure we’ll have lots of good old fashioned gas burnin’ bikes to talk about next week.

We also spend some time on a tiny little scooter, yet another Triumph rumor and lots of email.

Oh, do you remember Colorforms? Those sticky plastic things in the shape of a pair of shoes or a shirt or something that you would stick on other sticky plastic things in the shape of a person or maybe a tree? Harley Davidson has given us online Colorforms! You can stick a bunch of accessories and stuff on a Sportster to see what it looks like. The difference is that you can peel your H-D creation off of the refrigerator door and bring it in to the real world if your wallet is fat enough.

This is the Sportster I would build from the available options. Probably not a big surprise. It’s basically a 48 with luggage and a real fuel tank.

Custom Sportster from the Factory

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Episode 60: That groundhog better not F with me this year!

We’re planning our trip to the New York International Motorcycle Show! We talk about tiny little bikes and a great big bike. Harley starts “building” bikes in India. BMW is ready to take your money for a new K1600 and the S1000RR beats out the GS for the best selling BMW title. The Mission-R gets naked, Maximum Bob does the Electric Boogaloo and Can-Am gets all hybridy. We also respond to some more feedback from you guys.