It’s contest time again!

We were recently honored with a guest appearance by motorcyclist, author and riding safety expert David Hough. After a great discussion (and an open invitation to return), Mr. Hough gave us a couple of signed copies of his book Proficient Motorcycling to give away to the listeners. This book, updated with new content in the book and on disc, is among the best known and most well regarded on the subject of safe and quality operation of a motorcycle.

So, how can you score one of these signed copies of Proficient Motorcycling? Well, one of two ways.

First, we’re looking for a newer rider to tell us your story of how you got started in motorcycling, some mistakes you might have made, some problems you might have encountered, and of course help and guidance you have received since starting out. Everyone has a beginning story, and we want to hear yours, now, as it’s happening.

Second, we’d like to hear the same kind of stuff from ‘seasoned’ riders. Tell us about how your riding and outlook, and your “toolbox of skills” have matured over the years and miles. Talk to us about how something you see happen now that you just deal with, might have been a ride stopper or bigger problem in your younger, greener years.

The best story – as judged by James and Chris – from each category will win a signed book. “Best” can be the most engaging narrative, it could be an example of the toughest learning curve, it could mean the most experience in the shortest time, or anything else. There’s no real hard definition for this. Just tell us your stories, share with the community and let’s all learn something.

The contest will run for a little over two weeks, ending on April 16, 2011. You can email your entry to with “contest” in the subject line. Also, if you would prefer to send us an audio file that we can include in a future episode, you can send an MP3 as an attachment to the same email. Our voicemail is limited to three minutes, but if you think you can tell your story in that time, then by all means, call 484-748-0042.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Episode 36: Is my Enfield on fire?

Episode 36: Is my Enfield on fire?

This week we are joined by our friend Nagi. Nagi is from India and has spent the last 10 years in the United States. We discuss the differences between being a motorcyclist in the USA and being a motorist in India. Nagi helps us understand how 2-wheeled travel is just a way of life in India, vs. the apparent “toy” or recreational nature of motorcycling in the USA.

Nagi also points out the differences in long-term ownership here and abroad, and how small-displacement engines are the norm in India, compared to the big, powerful machines we typically see here in the US. Before moving to America, Nagi rode bikes typically in the 125cc range, whereas here in America, Nagi is riding a Suzuki GSXR750 and a Honda Shadow VLX 600.

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This week’s additional music is from California rock band Sundial Project. The band maintains a Facebook Fan Page as well as an iTunes Store page.

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In the beginning…

I used to listen to Prubert’s MotoCast back in the day and thought, “If I were to ever do a bike podcast, it would be a lot like this.”

Prophecy? Wishful thinking? A case of the crazies…?

So there I was cruising the iTunes Podcast section looking for motorcycle related content one day last year. I had run out of bike-related podcast content some time ago, and after sampling just about everything I realized that unless I was interested in racing, most of the other podcasts simply weren’t “my thing”. Most of them were too geared towards the beginning riders, or were too focused on touring. They just didn’t have that “special something” that MotoCast had.

Then it dawned on me… MotoCast wasn’t about anything at all. It was the Seinfeld of motorcycle podcasts. Whatever topics came to mind, that’s what the group would discuss. It was largely unscripted and more about just hashing it all out among the panel and guests. And that’s what I liked about it… it was general interest. They discussed gear and riding and bikes and places and people and…

… and I knew – and now know – that’s what I wanted to hear. And what I want to say.

So I mentioned this, in passing, to a few friends, and the topic came up again when I interviewed Prubert on my ‘blog.

Then one day I got an email from my friend James that said, “so how serious were you about doing a podcast some day?”

The rest, as they say, is history.

James and I will be posting on the site, and will be getting together to record and produce shows in the coming weeks. Look for bios from us, and we’re going to be promoting on other podcasts, sites on which we hang out, etc. If all goes well, and sponsors come along, we hope to start covering more events and expanding our offerings.

We’ve got some big ideas, and we hope you’ll give us the opportunity and listen.

You can contact us at We hope you enjoy what’s ahead.