Episode 58: It’s funny because it didn’t happen to me

Jeff and Todd return to tell us about their 4 week tour of these United States. We talk about broken bits, wild life encounters, tips on reliving your self in inappropriate places and so much more. Pour yourself a tall one, lean back and get ready for another epic episode of The Pace.

You can find our first conversation with the guys here.

That's Todd on the BMW and Jeff on the VFR

*Technical Note: I reduced the bit rate on this episode pretty dramatically to reduce the file size. Please let us know if the difference in quality is objectionable.

After the miles

Jeff Gilbert and Todd Lampone from The Moto Tour 2010 join us this week to reflect on their trip across the USA. Send any questions or comments regarding their trip, long distance touring in general, or the bikes in use to feedback@thepacepodcast.com and we’ll be sure to get them into the discussion. Also, voice mails (484-748-0042) or audio recordings of your questions sent to feedback are very welcome, too!

MotoTour 2010

Riding season has officially started. Ya know how I can tell? Jeff and Todd are once again providing updates on their preparations for MotoTour 2010. This trip is going to be an epic four week lap of America. I’ll be following it all the way through.

Last year’s updates are still up on the MotoTour 2010 Blog but it looks like new stuff is going up on their Facebook page.