Episode 148: But they don’t fall down!


Episode 148: But they don’t fall down!

June 3, 2013

In the show’s triumphant return to the internets at large, James and Chris answer letters from listeners, discuss with a fiery passion the electric bike movement, and brag about all their new gear. They also take themselves to task over forgetting they have a website… which is at http://thepacepodcast.com, by the way… and take a moment to talk about it. The website. The one at thepacepodcast.com. That one.

The guys discuss the current state of the E2E Rally – 200 participants!!!! Team Take That, The Pace (aka, Wheelnerds) are leading the charge at a blistering zero points. Not that anyone’s bragging or anything. TAKE THAT WHEELNERDS TEAM TAKE THAT THE PACE! (whew)

And did we mention gear reviews…? James discusses a few items he picked up for use in the garage and out on the road, and Chris talks about his new jacket. How many jackets does one guy need…? Tune in and find out. Hint: Every of. That’s how many.




  • Gee Farce

  • Tim Bennett

  • Matt Murto

  • Peter Jowett

  • Eric Johnson

  • Joel Cain

Theme music composed and performed by Raoul Lowe

Show Us Your…


That’s right folks. We want to see your equipment, your stuff, your junk. No, that doesn’t sound right does it?

This is the slightly tardy contest announcement that was promised in Episode #42. We looking for a pic of your favorite piece of riding gear. It could be a jacket, a piece of luggage or one of those adorable little gremlin bells. Anything that makes your ride better. It doesn’t have to have been designed specifically for motorcycling but its use should be obvious. This isn’t an essay contest but feel free to tell us why you chose that particular object.

Please send submissions to feedback@thepacepodcast.com with the word ‘Gear’ on the subject line. We will choose the winner based on criteria to be determined at the time of selection. In other words, we’ll pick the one we like best. We may choose the best photo, we may choose the most unusual piece of gear or Chris may insist that those pink chaps with the fringe just have to win. Actually, that’s a joke. Chris isn’t eligible.

Submissions will be posted on The Pace Podcast blog. All images must be your own. No manufacturer’s product shots please. An image of you and your stuff shot by another photographer is fine as long as you have the right to give us permission to post it.

The deadline for submission is midnight Eastern daylight time on Sunday September 12th.

Prizes are provided by Aerostich/RiderWearhouse

Just to get the ball rolling, here is a shot of my favorite pair of uninsulated gloves. They are the Lee Parks DeerTours and they are perfect.

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