Episode 195: Kristin Casey Racing

Episode 195: Kristin Casey Racing

Recorded on January 14th, 2015


We’re talking to Kristin (with an “i”) Casey of Kristin Casey Racing. We cover what it’s like to be injured far from home, what it takes to remodel a “bargain” RV and a whole bunch of other stuff. This one’s a lot of fun.

Kristin Casey Racing

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Episode 111 – It was a bit facetious

Episode 111 – It was a bit facetious.
April 22, 2012
This week we talk about the (apparently?) finalized Audi-Ducati deal. Chris is convinced the status-quo will continue being all quoey, while James thinks there’s going to be some change. Good? Bad? Time will tell. I don’t think the guys need to enter a to-the-death cage match to prove who’s right. Probably for the best. We don’t have any mops around the Pace studios to clean up the mess.
Ryca gets right on with documenting the new street tracker build and it’s shaping up nicely! Check it out. Also, it’s like zip car for scooters. Good idea? Only San Francisco will know for sure. We have high hopes for this venture, and maybe this could set a trend for the future.



  • Motorcycle Girl (Celeste)
  • Kurt Wahtera
  • Eric Shelton – (discussing standards)
  • James
  • Chris Ashmore (two emails here)
  • David Maas
  • Chad Bolling
  • Roland Canon
  • Jeff Kuhne
  • Colleen First
  • Paul Manson (Facebook)